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January 2017

It's time to punish privet (Garden Talk)

By Andrew J. Baril As I sit on my front porch looking out into a drizzly sky, I am reflecting on what to write to you this month. A few hardwood leaves remain in my trees; their lifeless forms clinging to the branch not wanting to cascade to the forest floor. Silhouetted against a gray […]   Read More

Broccoli Recipes Keep Diet Healthy and Flavorful

Trying to eat healthy while still keeping your diet flavorful and delicious? Try these two broccoli recipes. They are sure to bring flavor and help you watch your waistline. Broccoli Casserole 20-ounces frozen or fresh chopped broccoli 1 can of cream of mushroom soup 2 tablespoons […]   Read More

Proper Storage and Handling of Commercial Foods – Following Food Product Dating

Proper Storage and Handling of Commercial Foods – Following Food Product Dating Proper selection of foods at the grocery store and appropriate storage and handling practices at home are necessary to maintain the quality and safety of commercially processed foods and perishable foods. When foods […]   Read More

F.A.R.M. Outlook 2017

Upcoming seminars in your area for 2017 Alabama Agriculture Outlook.   Read More

Creating a Savings Plan

Saving money requires neither a large income nor an established career. It is for anyone wishing to take control of their finances and prepare for what lies ahead. When a thorough savings plan is put into practice early, it helps prioritize spending and provides for the future without taking on debt. Money […]   Read More

Recycling: What it Means for the Environment and the Economy

Recycling is the process of converting waste products into reusable materials. This process allows products to be used to their fullest extent. How Does the Recycling Process Work? In Bibb and Chilton counties in Alabama, typical recyclable materials include cardboard boxes, office paper, newspapers, magazines, books, […]   Read More

Rainwater collection ready

Rainwater collection is an important skill to master. By learning how to collect rainwater and use that water efficiently, gardeners and homeowners can rely on more than just a water hose for quick access to clean water. Another plus – rainwater is completely free! Alabama Cooperative […]   Read More

The Long Term Effects of Bullying

Is your child being bullied or bullying others? The American Justice Department reports that one out of every four children will be bullied sometime during their adolescence. ( With busy schedules and scattered brains, it is possible to overlook what a child or someone close to you might be […]   Read More

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