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ScopiaDesktop-ScopiaMobile Setup and Testing

***If you are experiencing issues in your Browser, please check the ***** BROWSER and JAVA Settings ***** at bottom of this page.***

To connect interactively, you can participate real-time in the discussion and Q&A:


You will need a webcam with a microphone.

Go to:https://scopia.aces.edu
The first time you connect you will need to install the client as prompted.

Run the <Check Your Audio> and <Check Your Video>
Enter your name as you wish the others to see you.
Enter your assigned meeting ID and then choose <Participate Now>
Use the microphone icon at the top left corner of the window to mute/unmute. Don't use the one by your name.
Please stay muted unless you are asking questions or participating in the discussion. This keeps background and other noises from competing with the speaker.

For iOS and Android – Be sure to MUTE your microphone!
Server: https://scopia.aces.edu
No credentials/login are needed.
Use the microphone icon to mute/unmute.
Please stay muted unless you are asking questions or participating in the discussion. This keeps background and other noises from competing with the speaker.

Supported Devices.
PC- Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser (32 bit version only)***
MAC- Safari Browser
Android– ScopiaMobile – free on Google Play
iOS(iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) – ScopiaMobile – free from the App Store


TO TEST YOUR SETUP – test is available NOW

You should see video, hear music, and see a webpage if you are connected correctly (unless our test PC has timed out).

Meeting ID 68881

Go to:https://scopia.aces.edu/scopia?ID=68881

Run the <Check Your Audio>, <Check Your Video> and then <Participate Now>


To mute and unmute your microphone to participate while in the meeting, use the microphone icon in the upper left corner of the window, not the one by your name. Please keep your microphone muted unless you are asking a question or involved in the conversation. This keeps background noises to a minimum that may compete with the speaker.

More Scopia information and troubleshooting can be found here:

ScopiaDesktop Quick Reference

ScopiaMobile Quick Reference

Quick Start Video

Recording from ScopiaDesktop


MAC Instructions:

From the Safari Browser, go to:https://scopia.aces.edu From the Scopia webpage download and install the Conference Client update.

ScopiaDesktop will use the audio and video source that is currently set as default on your MAC. If these are not the ones you want after you join the meeting, exit the meeting and change them, then rejoin the meeting.

Enter your name as you want the others to see it.
Enter the meeting number.
Choose <Participate Now>.
You can mute your microphone by clicking on the mic icon in the upper left of the screen.
You can mute your video if needed by clicking on the webcam icon above the video window.
The MAC version requires OS-X, Safari, and Intel based CPU. Otherwise you will have to use Internet Explorer in a Windows Boot Camp, Parallels, or similar program. If you are asked at any time for a server location, use scopia.acesag.auburn.edu


***** BROWSER and JAVA Settings *****

Configure Java
Access the Java Control Panel from OS Contl Panel or type "Configure Java" in the Windows Search Bar.
Choose the <Security> tab at the top of the window.
Choose <Edit Site List...> at the bottom right of the window.
Choose <Add>
Type - https://scopia.aces.edu and press the <Enter> key.
Choose <OK>
You should see "https://scopia.aces.edu" listed in the Exception Site List.
Choose <OK> to exit.

Using ScopiaDesktop with Internet Explorer 11 & 10
Add aces.edu to the Compatibility View Settings

To change your Compatibility View settings

1. Open Internet Explorer for the desktop, click Tools, and then click Compatibility View settings.
2. In the <Add this website>, type aces.edu and then choose <Add>.
aces.edu should show under the <Websites you've added to Compatibility View>
3. Choose <Close>.

No <Participate Now> button or <Participate Now> button "grayed out".

Refresh your browser page by using the <F5> key or <Refresh> icon.
Be sure Pop-Ups are not being blocked from scopia.aces.edu or aces.edu.
Clear the internet cache or temporary files in your browser.
Reboot your computer.