This is the portable version of the ACES Directory which is composed of simple HTML files suitable for web browsers in PDAs and PCs. You can get an updated ZIP file at the Download area of the on-line ACES Directory (after logging in) by going to http://www.aces.edu/directory/.

Browse by Last Name

To find someone by his or her last name, click on the "Last Name" link under the "Browse by:" heading. Then, select the first letter of the person's last name. You will see a list of people and telephone numbers. Click on the person's full name to see that person's complete record.

Browse by County / Department

You can see specific information about County offices and Departments by choosing the "County / Departent" browsing option. You can select County Offices or Departments links, then choose the first letter of the office name, and finally the actual office name. The information displayed at this point is similar to a "meet the staff" type page. You can view a person's full record by clicking on the name. A person's program area responsbilities are listed in a colored block below the title. If you click on a program area abbreviations, you will go to a page that lists the expanded name of the program area, as well as statewide Extension Specialists serving in that area.

Browse by Program Area (Statewide Spec.)

The Program Area browsing option lets you choose a program area (which are color coded the same as in the Location pages) and see all the statewide specialists serving in that area. NOTE: Statewide specialists are ONLY listed here. They are not listed directly in the Location pages.