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Literally thousands of small ponds dot the landscape of Alabama. These ponds are used for dozens of purposes including sediment retention, water supply, livestock watering, aesthetics, aquaculture, heating and cooling buildings, and of course recreational fishing. The links below contain information developed at Auburn and elsewhere on the best approaches to the construction and management of ponds primarily for recreational fishing and ornamental uses. Where applicable we have also included lists of consultants and sources of materials needed for pond management in Alabama*.

Recreational Fishing

Fish Pond Management

Sport Fish Management
2010 Sunbelt Ag Expo Pond Management Presentation -pdf
Management of Recreational Fish Ponds in Alabama (html) printable version Alabama Cooperative Extension
Fixing effects of the drought Alabama Cooperative Extension
Sportfish Management in Alabama Ponds Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Pond management guides from other States Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Texas
Pond Stocking
See lists of suppliers Alabama Cooperative Extension

Pond Design and Construction

Pond Building: A Guide to Planning, Constructing, and Maintaining Recreational Ponds Alabama Cooperative Extension
Ponds-Planning, Design and Construction USDA/ Natural Resources Conservation Service
Watershed Fish Production Ponds: Site Selection and Construction SRAC 102
Renovating leaky ponds SRAC 105
Construction and Repair of Watershed Fish Ponds in Kentucky Kentucky State University
Catfish Management
Management of Recreational Catfish Ponds in Alabama Alabama Cooperative Extension
Catfish Ponds for Recreation Texas A&M University
Measurement of Fish Condition in Ponds
Relative Weight: An Easy-to-Measure Index of Fish Condition Alabama Cooperative Extension
Online Relative Weight Calculator Alabama Cooperative Extension / Auburn Univeristy
Trophy Bass Management
Trophy Bass Production in East Texas Ponds and Small Lakes Texas A&M University
Management of Overcrowded Bass
Overcrowded Largemouth Bass in Alabama Farm Ponds Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Supplemental Feeding of Bluegill
Supplemental Feeding of Bream Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Liming and Fertilizing Pond Waters
Liming Fish Ponds Alabama Cooperative Extension
Liquid Fertilizer in Ponds Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Submitting Water Sample for Analysis ACEC
Management of Muddy Pond Water
Clearing Muddy Ponds Texas A&M University
Muddy Water in Ponds: Causes, Prevention and Remedies Ohio State University
Control of Clay Turbidity in Ponds SRAC 460
Oxygen Depletions
Oxygen Depletions in Farm Ponds Texas A&M University
Paddlewheel Aerator Design Alabama Cooperative Extension
Fish Kills in Ponds Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Pond Renovation
Renovating Fish Farm Ponds Using Rotenone SRAC 219

*Lists on this site do not indicate endorsement of a particular supplier, consultant, or brand name by Auburn University or the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

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