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On this page you will find items that have recently been added to education section of our site. New items will remain on this page for approximately one month so be sure to check back regularly.  The items will also be "permanently"  placed on the appropriate page but this page allows you to see what's new at a glance. Last updated on March 17, 2017

Online Aquaculture Courses
University of St. Andrews - Scotland
University of Florida - Master of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Stirling Institute of Aquaculture - Short courses
US Aquaculture Webinar Series
Applied Shellfish Farming - Roger Williams Univ

New Introduction to Aquaculture Video

The National Council for Agricultural Education Aquaculture Curriculum Guide

The Council has graciously allowed us to digitally reproduce and distribute copies of the 5 original Aquaculture Curriculum Guide Modules (Copyrighted in 1992) and 15 Year Two species specific modules (1995).  These guides and modules will be available in the coming months until all of them have be digitized. Check back often. If you would like to be notified when a new module is added please sign up for the National Aquaculture Educators Network (free).

Auburn University will also be working to provide supplemental materials with updated information that can be used in conjunction with this curriculum.


How to Build an Inexpensive Recirculating Aquaculture System interactive presentaion
- View Online
Download - PC or Mac Note: these files are in .zip format at apprx 30MB

Take the K-12 Aquaculture Educators Survey (if you are a k-12 educator)

New Video About Florida Aquaculture

News Stories

Time Magazine Cover Story on Aquaculture - End of the Line  7/22/11


Streaming Video Resources

New resourceIs Aquaculture Sustainable? Mythbusting Feed, Food and the Future
New resourceAquaponics: How to do it yourself - webinar
New resourceFinal Rule: Mandatory inspection of fish of the order
Siluiformes and products dervived from such fish - webinar

Labeling requirements for Siluriformes fish USDA - Webinar
What you need to know about biosecurity - Webinar
How to design your biosecurity plan - Webinar
Recreational fish pond management - Webinar
The HACCP approach to prevent the spread of aquatic invasives -Webinar
U.S. Farm-raised finfish and shellfish - webinar
Regulartory costs of U.S. aquaculture business - webinar
Branding opportunities for oyster farmers - webinar
Seafood in the diet: Benefits and risks for farm-raised and wild - webinar
Use of veterinary feed directive drugs in aquaculture
Social Media: An introduction for successful use - webinar
Fish Health: What you need to know as an aquaculture producer - webinar
Indoor shrimp farming
New resourceHow to estimate large numbers of fish by weight (2015)
New resourceHow to estimate large numbers of fish using volumetric displacement
New resourceRecirculating Aquaculture System Made From Plastic 55 Gallon Barrels (complete)
New resourceAquaculture Production Systems (2014)
New resourceAdvanced Aquaculture Systems Part 1: PAS Partitioned Aquaculture Systems (2014)
New resourceAdvanced Aquaculture Systems Part 2: In-Pond Raceways (2014)
New resourceAdvanced Aquaculture Systems Part 3: Split Ponds (2014)

New Introduction to Aquaculture Video
United States Aquaculture: The New Face of Farming Video
2012 Overview of the Catfish industry
2012 eXtension Virtual Aquaculture Workshop (1/25/13)
Recordings and power points from this workshop include
Aquaculture: What is it? Is it Important? Why Should I Care? (30min)
Aquaculture Business Planning and Economics (30 min)
Pond Culture
Recreational Pond Management
Aquatic Plant Management
Yellow Perch Culture
Sunfish Aquaculture
Walleye Culture
Clam Culture
Oyster Culture
Aquaponics (60 min)

2011 eXtension Virtual Aquaculture Workshop Proceedings This workshop included 4 hours presentations broken into 15 minute segments many of which would make for excellent classroom presentations.  Topics include production systems (ponds, cages, raceways, aquaponics & Recirc); Species overviews (trout, catfish, perch, tilapia); Aquaculture business/marketing, water quality, aquatic weed management and fish disease. 3/8/12

How do you count fish? A demonstration of volumetric enumeration. (video) 12/6/11

How do you count fish? A demonstration of mass enumeration. (Video) 12/6/11

Pond in a Bucket video presentation  12/6/11

(take a quiz, key, word search, ws -key)

NOAA's - OneNOAA Science Seminars Online 10/31/11  (Basic list).

Aquaponics: An integrated fish and plant production system - SRAC, 10/28/11

Male channel catfish caring for new eggs

Hybrid Catfish Feeding in an in-pond raceway

Pond Ecology and the Role of Aquatic Plants - Penn State Cooperative Extension 8/15/11

Do it yourself (DIY) vortex filter - from Youtube 7/22/11

Aquaculture Production Systems Overview - 14 min (see followup worksheets on lesson plan page. 8/19/10

Will the fish return - American Museum of Natural History Science Bulletin (4 min video How Fishing gear and greed emptied the Georges Bank - Look in the Bio features section) 9/9/10

Evolution in Action: Isolation and Speciation in the Lower Congo River - American Museum of Natural History Science Bulletin (9 min video - Look in the Bio features section)

New ALEARN / AU Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures Multimedia resource page

Spawning Oysters by thermal shock  8/10/2010

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems-AU seminar by Dr. Tom Losordo

Channel Catfish Spawning and Hatchery Management 17 min

Southern Regional Aquaculture Center video library - vid/dvds available (if you order, ask for educators discount)

Grant Opportunities

Lowe's Toolbox for Education invites applications for K-12 public school improvement projects

From the NSTA Calendar: Funds for Teaching Biotechnology

15 New sources of mini grants and teacher awards (up to $5000) 9/2/10

Disney's Planet Challenge Announces Funding for Classroom Environmental Science Projects

National Environmental Education Foundation   We’re launching the National High School Challenge to provide teachers with an opportunity to secure as much as $5,000 to $10,000 in funding to bring innovative environmental themes into students’ coursework and incorporate more environmental education into teaching overall!

Professional Development Opportunities

Using Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Workshop, A workshop for teachers who would like to use aquaculture in the classroom to teach math and science June 13-17, 2011.  Gadsden Alabama, Contact Hugh Hammer 256-549-8345 or David Cline 334-844-2874 for details  See agenda from one of the previous workshops.  The 2010 itinerary will be similar. Participating teachers are eligible to receive 32 hours towards Continuing Education Credits. Plan ahead, make contact today.

Harbor Branch Oceanic Institute to offer Teacher training workshop and three technical workshops in 2011

The Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program - An innovative summer mentoring program for high school students. Sponsored by the American Fisheries Society


New Lesson Plans, Resources, and Activities

The National Council for Agricultural Education Aquaculture Curriculum Guide

Salmon Dissection flash demo 3/6/12

Red Drum Curriculum Module 8/24/11

Tilapia Curriculum Species Module 8/24/11

Shellfish Aquaculture curriculum module/lesson plans 8/25/11

Baitfish Aquaculture curriculum module

Aquatic Plant Aquaculture

Carp Aquaculture curriculum module

Ornamental and tropicals

Striped Bass curriculum - lesson plans

Sturgeon Aquaculture curriculum - lesson plans

Tilapia Curriculum - lesson plans

Yellow Perch Aquaculture curriculum - lesson plans

Walleye Aquaculture curriculum - lesson plans

Latest USDA-Economic Research Service Aquaculture Data 8/23/11

Saltwater Shrimp - Includes life cycle, seed stock, and grow out

NOAA- Ocean Data Education Project - using data from NOAA to examine estuarine water quality 5/9/11

New SRAC Aquaponics Power Point with Voice.  Aquaponics- An integrated fish and plant production system (16Mb) 3/21/11

Model Aquaculture Recirculation System (MARS): Engineering and operations manual  3/7/11

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Fisheries) Biologist in Training guide 1/2/2011 See lesson plan page for mor information

How to build a simple brine shrimp hatching system 4/9/10

Build a fish - body parts and camouflage - MARE Berkeley

Pond in a Bottle6/2/09

Fish and Algae Dichotomous key


New or Newly Added Publications:

Open Ocean Aquaculture: Right from the Start - Guide to sustainable ocean aquaculture from the Ocean Conservancy 3/7/2011

Updated Crawfish Production Manual - LSU Ag center - 8/31/10


New Links

Laboratories certified to run aquaculture diagnostice tests
National Aquaculture Association

Site Selection for Aquaculture: The Physical Features of Water FAO 4/11/11

Maine Aquaculture Association teacher resources 1/26/10

Fintegrity - One Ocean...One Future....One Kid at a Time....Info and activities about over fishing -12/7/09

Descriptions of careers in natural resources including aquaculture and fisheries 9/24

High School Aquaculture Programs in the News

South Brunswick HS Flounder Release 2012

Southhampton High School Hatchery Management Class makes first fish sale



Fish Culture Section of the American Fisheries Society

West Virginia University - Fish Tales Newsletters



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