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Aquaponics 101 Teachers Workshop

July 13-19, 2019 Auburn Alabama

Video about the workshop  Teacher reactions to the workshop

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Aquaponics is being utilized in classrooms across the country to excite and engage students and teachers. Aquaponics is the art/science of growing fish and plants in a symbiotic relationship in a single system. It is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics.   The fish are fed a high quality prepared diet and their waste is used as fertilizer to grow plants.  The plants in turn act as a filter to clean the water that can be returned to the fish tank.  There is tremendous interest in aquaponics and aquaculture as a platform to teach real world applications of biology, chemistry, math and science.  Working with an aquaponics system also requires technical skills in plumbing, carpentry and sometimes masonry.  It is an excellent tool to examine the different elements of business management and marketing. 

The trouble is that most teachers don’t have any training in aquaponics.  The Aquaculture/Aquaponics 101 Workshop provides hands-on training and expert advice on how to start and operate an aquaponics system and provides resource materials to help integrate the knowledge into existing curricula.  Teachers will design and build a complete aquaponics system that they can take back to their school.   Expert instruction is provided by faculty from Auburn University, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Gadsden State Community College and the Alabama, Mississippi Sea Grant Consortium. 

The workshop will be held at the E.W. Shell Fisheries Center at Auburn University, July 9-13th, 2018 in Auburn, AL.

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Video about E.W. Shell Fisheries Center

For more information contact David Cline 334-844-2874, Hugh Hammer 256-549-8345 or PJ Waters 251-438-5690


Workshop Details

When: July 9-13th, 2018 - 8am to 4:30pm Mon-Thurs, 8-12 noon Fri.

Where: E.W. Shell Fisheries Center, 2101 North College St., Auburn, AL 36830

Mailing Address: David Cline, 203 Swingle Hall, Auburn University, AL 36849

Cost: $295 Contact David CLine to register 334-844-2874 (Click here to register Online) (Printable Registration form)

CEUs: 3.2 continuing education credits for 32 hours contact time

Capacity: Due to the hands-on nature of the workshop seating is limited. (so register early)

Questions: Course Content David Cline 334-844-2874 or P.J. Waters 251-438-5690 Registration Questions Alan Spencer 334-844-5193 or 844-5100

Draft Schedule: Click Here

Academic Concepts Include

Aquaponics - Integrating plant and fish culture Nitrogen cycle - ammonia, nitrite, nitrate Nutrient input vs. grow bed capacity
Catffish and tilapia morphology Dissolved oxygen Volumetric displacement
Fish culture techniques Alkalinity Feeding rates
Pond dynamics pH Feed conversion and growth rates
Diseases of warm water fish Hardness Tank and system volume
Fish hatchery operations Effects of temperature on fish Surface area and biofilter material
Recirculating aquaculture systems components and functions Water quality relationships How to correctly size a biofilter

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