The National Council for Agricultural Education Aquaculture Curriculum Guide

The Council has graciously allowed us to digitally reproduce and distribute copies of the 5 original Aquaculture Curriculum Guide Modules (Copyrighted in 1992) and 15 Year Two species specific modules (1995).  These guides and modules will be available in the coming months until all of them have be digitized. Check back often. If you would like to be notified when a new module is added please sign up for the National Aquaculture Educators Network (free).

Auburn University will also be working to provide supplemental materials with updated information that can be used in conjunction with this curriculum.

Lots more aquaculture lesson plans - on lesson plans page

Module 1: Discovering the Origins and Opportunities in Aquaculture

1-A Determining the Nature of Aquaculture  
1-B Determining the Origins of Aquaculture  
1-C Determining the Career Opportunities in Aquaculture  
Module 2: Discovering Plants and Animals in Aquaculture
2_A Determining the Biological Principles of Aquaculture Species  
2_B Determining the Growth of Aquatic Organisms  
2-C Determining the Morphology, Anatomy and Physiology of Aquatic Organisms  
Module 3: Using Water
3-A Determining the Properties of Water
3-B Obtaining Water  
3-C Managing Water  
3-D Disposing of Water  
Module 4: Farming in Water  
4-A Growing Aquacrops  
4-B Producing Seed  
4-C Rearing Seed  
4-D Growing in Ponds  
4-E Growing in Cages  
4-F Growing in Tanks and Raceways  
4-G Harvesting the Crop  
4-H Processing the Crop  
Module 5: Planning and Managing an Aquabusiness
5-A Managing the Aquafarm  
5-B Marketing the Product  
Aquatic Plant Aquaculture  
Baitfish Aquaculture curriculum module  
Carp Aquaculture curriculum module  
Catfish 1 A to D  
Catfish A Exploring possibilities in catfish farming  
Catfish B Producing catfish  
Catfish C Feeding catfish  
Catfish D Controlling diseases and pests of catfish  
Catfish 2 E, F, G  
Catfish E Reproducing catfish  
Catfish F Rearing food fish  
Catfish G Preparing catfish for marketing  
Crawfish Farming curriculum module and teaching guide  
Ornamental and tropicals  
Red Drum Curriculum Module  
Salmon- Includes, industry, life cycle, spawning, hatchery, smolt production, cage culture, feeding, and salmon disease.  
Saltwater Shrimp - Includes life cycle, seed stock, and grow out  
Shellfish Aquaculture curriculum module/lesson plans  
Striped Bass curriculum - lesson plans  
Sturgeon Aquaculture curriculum - lesson plans  
Tilapia Curriculum Species Module  
Trout - Includes, Life cycle, opportunities, and production  
Walleye Aquaculture curriculum - lesson plans  
Yellow Perch Aquaculture curriculum - lesson plans  

Other Modules

Model Aquaculture Recirculation System (MARS): Engineering and operations manual  

Aquaculture as Sustainable Agriculture (National Council for Ag Education)

 Unit 1 - Is Aquaculture Sustainable

Lesson 1 - What does sustainable food production mean?

Lesson 2 - Living without enough protein

Lesson 3 - Protein from aquaculture

Lesson 4 - Competing for protein


Aquaculture as Sustainable Agriculture (National Council for Ag Education)

Unit 2 - Making Aquaculture Pay

Lesson 1 - Integrated aquaculture systems

Lesson 2 - Aquaculture around the world

Lesson 3 - Producing what people want


Aquaculture as Sustainable Agriculture (National Council for Ag Education)

Unit 3 - Aquaculture and the environment

Lesson 1 - Conserving water resources

Lesson 2 - Water quality

Lesson 3 - Who's eating the fish?


Aquaculture as Sustainable Agriculture

Unit 4 - Approaches to managing resources

Lesson 1 - Managing aquaculture resources


The National Council for Agricultural Education Aquaculture Curriculum Guide


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