Catfish Lesson Plans - (More to come - come back again soon)

In this group of lesson plans, teachers will guide students through the life and biology of the channel catfish and the catfish industry.  Students will explore:  broodfish and hatchery management; small scale catfish production; broodfish selection, breeding programs, gender determination, care of broodfish, water quality management, nutrition, and estimating number of broodfish; and feeding catfish in commercial ponds.  All lesson plans will include a Power Point presentation, additional handouts, assessment, and access to related SRAC publication and/or video. 

Area of Study
Lesson Plans
Farming the Waters

Intro to aquaculture lesson plan

Handouts for students

Farming the waters - power point

Farming the waters ppt in pdf format

Channel Catfish life history and biology Catfish Life History and Biology lesson plan- complete with reading and handout materials

Relative catfish anatomy - Label your partner activity

Catfish Farming in the South - 20 min SRAC Streaming Video

Brood Fish Management


Selection and breeding programs

Gender determination and care

Determining required number of broodfish

Selection and breeding programs ppt

Gender determination and care ppt

Determining required number of broodfish ppt

Catfish Broodfish Management -Reading Assignment (start here)

Channel Catfish Broodfish and Hatchery Management - (then go here next)

Channel Catfish Spawning and Hatchery Management 17 min video

Feeding Catfish in commercial ponds

Lesson Plan


Feeding Catfish in Commercial Ponds Reading assignment


External Anatomy of a Channel Catfish

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