The Saugahatchee Watershed Management Plan
- SWaMP -
Watershed Activities

SWaMP is a watershed management plan created by stakeholders, which involves the cooperative efforts of local government, business and community groups to clean up Saugahatchee Creek and educate others of its value. A watershed is comprised of the total land area drained by a river or a stream (the Saugahatchee Watershed is
marked with an orange boundary on the map below).

Note, we have chosen the locally-recognized spelling of the creek - 'Saugahatchee.' The name 'Saugahatchee' meaning 'rattling river' came from the indiginous inhabitants of the watershed, the Creek Indians. Several variations of this name have been used: Saugahatchie, Sougahatchee, Souchaghatchee, Sowkeehatchee, Sougohatche. You will frequently see the creek spelled 'Sougahatchee,' the spelling commonly used by ADEM and USGS.

SWaMP Brochure