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Environmental Outreach

The Auburn Marine Center provides informal education activities and information to numerous sectors of the Alabama coastal community. It provides information to fill gaps in knowledge of the business community, the environmental community, and the public in general.


AWW training workshop

Alabama Water Watch training workshop


 AUMERC acts as a local liason for the Alabama Water Watch program, providing training and housing data for local volunteer monitors. Jody Scanlan is a Quality Assurance officer.

 AUMERC's staff helps to meet the environmental education needs of the community through presentations, lectures and displays.


Project MAC, in cooperation with the Environmental Studies Center

Project MAC, in cooperation with the Environmental Studies Center

 Bay Area Earth Day 2001

Bay Area Earth Day 2001



Environmental Studies Center Open House

AUMERC partners with other local agencies and organizations to provide public education about water quality issues, including Baldwin and Mobile County Cooperative Extension and the Environmental Studies Center.

Mobile County Cooperative Extension Open House and Farm Day

Fifth graders learn about constructed wetlands at Mobile County Cooperative Extension's Farm Day and Open House


 Mobile County Cooperative Extension Farm Safety Day

AUMERC personnel give schoolchildren a lesson in groundwater protection at Mobile County Cooperative Extension's Farm Safety Day

 Forest in the Classroom, Classroom in the Forest

Students learn about water quality during a forest field trip with Mobile County Cooperative Extension's "Forest in the Classroom, Classroom in the Forest" program


 A Day in the Life of a Forester Workshop, Baldwin County Cooperative Extension

AUMERC partners to teach classroom teachers about forestry's role in water quality and the Clean Water Guardian program during a Baldwin County Cooperative Extension "Day in the Life of a Forester" teacher inservice workshop. Here Gib Burke with the Alabama Forestry Commission demonstrates a drip torch used for controlled burns.


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