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Monofilament Recovery and Recycling


Used fishing line is harmful to

wildlife of all kinds, from turtles and sharks to reef fish adn dolphins.  It can be dangerous to scuba divers, interfere with commercial fishing, and foul boat motors and bilges.


Monofilament fishing line does not break down easily, and lasts about 600 years in the environment.



Fortunately, monofilament can be recycled!

Used monofilament can be used to make tackle boxes, spools for lines, artificial fish habitats and plastic toys.

Where can I find a bin?

Starting in February, 2007, we will be scouting for places and sponsors for monofilament recycling bins.  Outside bins are constructed of PVC, and inside are bins made of cardboard.  Some great places for bins are marinas, bait shops, fishing piers and marine supply shops.

Want to get involved?

Want to place a monofilament recycling bin at your business?  Want to volunteer to sponsor an outdoor bin and empty it on a monthly basis?  It is easy! 

Contact Shonda Borden at 251-438-5690 or


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