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Alabama- Mississippi Clean Marina Program

Alabama and Mississippi have joined other states concerned with water quality by establishing the Alabama- Mississippi Clean Marina Program.  This unique bi-state effort is a voluntary, non- regulatory program that promotes responsible marina operating practices in the interest of protecting water quality.


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Why have a Clean Marina Program?

Traditional coastal economies were once dominated by shipping, commercial fishing, defense and manufacturing.  In recent years as the coastal population increases, there has been a shift in economic dominance from these production sectors to service sectors such as recreational boating, tourism, property development and  marine service trades.  With this shift comes the potential increase of stormwater polluition, and in a coastal economy, water quality is an essential part of a successful equation.

The program will help marinas protect the very resource that provides livelihood and enjoyment for the Gulf Coast: clean water.  Over time, the Clean Marina program will help to encourage marina operators to use more responsible practices, inform boaters of environmentally sensitive practices, and create better communication of existing laws by offering recognition for creative and proactive marina operators implementing these practices.


Want to get involved?

Click here to learn more about this program and how to get involved.


Are you a concerned boater?

Click here to learn what you can do to help keep our water clean and safe for fishing, boating, and swimming.


Designated Clean Marinas

Click here to learn which marinas are participating in the Clean Marina Program.


Clean Marina Pledges

Click here to learn which marinas are working toward becoming a Clean Marina.



These organizations fund and support the Clean Marina Program



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