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The Auburn University Shellfish Laboratory, on the Dauphin Island Sea Lab campus on the east end of Dauphin Island, Alabama, provides instruction, research and outreach in the area of shellfish ecology and production to the citizens of Alabama, the region and the nation. It is one component of the Auburn University Marine Extension and Research Center.

Front of Auburn University Shellfish Lab

The facility contains two laboratories, an indoor wet lab, and a 3000 sq ft hatchery facility. The AUSL hatchery is equipped with a 48 unit temperature induction system for spawning parental brood stocks. The units are designed so that each oyster can be isolated to prevent unintended fertilization of eggs. Twenty-seven 30- gallon cone bottom tanks with associated tank stands are available for larval rearing. The AUSL facility is supplied with seawater from the Gulf of Mexico via twin pipelines with a 10HP Fybroc Series 1600 horizontal self-priming, close-coupled, centrifugal pump capable of flow rates of 275 gpm. AUSL also maintains an identical reserve pump. AUSL has a seawater storage capacity of 12,000 gallons in two 6,000 gallon silo reservoirs. Seawater for larval rearing is filtered to 1 micron by passing through cartridge filters and is then UV sterilized. Multiple refrigerators and freezers are available for storage of shellfish algal diets, oyster sample storage, and chemicals and reagents that need refrigeration.

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150 Agassiz Street Dauphin Island, Alabama 36528

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