Water Quality Management

Control of Clay Turbidity in Ponds SRAC 460
Water Quantity and Quality Requirements for Channel Catfish Hatcheries SRAC 461
Nitrite in Fish Ponds SRAC 462
Ammonia in Fish Ponds SRAC 463
Managing Ammonia in Fish Ponds SRAC 4603
Interaction of pH, Carbon Dioxide, Alkalinity and Hardness in Fish Ponds SRAC 464
Carbon Dioxide in Fish Ponds SRAC 468
Measuring Dissolved Oxygen Concentration in Aquaculture SRAC 4601
Paddlewheel Aerator Design Auburn University
Plain English Instructions for Hach Water Quality Kits Auburn University
Interpretation of Water Analysis Reports for Fish Culture SRAC 4606
Pond Aeration SRAC 3700
Pond Mixing SRAC 4602
Toxicities of Agricultural Pesticides to Selected Aquatic Organisms SRAC 4600
Managing High pH in Freshwater Ponds SRAC 4604
Biofloc Production Systems for Aquaculture SRAC 4503
Algal Toxins in Pond Aquaculture SRAC 4605
Liming and Fertilizing
Liming Ponds for Aquaculture SRAC 4100
Liming Fish Ponds Auburn University
Fertilization of Fish Fry Ponds SRAC 469
Fertilization of Fish Ponds SRAC 471
Algae Blooms in Commercial Fish Production Ponds SRAC 466
Effluent Management
Characterization and Management of Effluents from Aquaculture Ponds in the Southeastern U. S. SRAC 470
Cost of Alternative Effluent Treatments for Catfish Production SRAC 467
Effluent Guidelines for Aquaculture EPA

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