Marine Shrimp

Saltwater Shrimp Farming Auburn University
Introduction of Exotic Shrimp: Quarantine and Disease Inspection Methods SRAC 260
Opportunities and Constraints in Marine Shrimp Farming SRAC 2600
Acclimating Pacific White shrimp to Inland Low-salinity Waters SRAC 2601
Bait Shrimp Culture SRAC 1201
Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp Culture Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations
Farming Marine Shrimp in Freshwater systems: An Economic Development Strategy for Florida P. Wyk, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution
Shrimp Hatchery Design, Operation and Management: Training Manual FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department
U. S. Marine Shrimp Farming Program CSREES/USDA
Department of Fisheries & Allied Aquacultures
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