Hybrid Striped Bass

Hybrid Striped Bass: Biology and Life History SRAC 300
Hybrid Striped Bass: Hatchery Phase SRAC 301
Culture of Miroworms ( Panagrellus sp. ) as an Alternative to Brine Shrimp for Larval Fish forage Auburn University
Hybrid Striped Bass: Pond Production of Fingerling SRAC 302
Hybrid Striped Bass: Pond Production of Foodfish SRAC 303
Improving Feeds for Hybrid Striped Bass SRAC 304
Hybrid Striped Bass Production in Ponds: Enterprise Budget SRAC 3000
Hybrid Striped Bass Mississippi State University
The Culture of Striped Bass and its Hybrids in Cages Maryland Sea Grant
Culture and Propagation of Striped Bass and its Hybrids Harrell, Kerby and Minton, American Fisheries Society
Improved Production of Hybrid striped Bass Fingerlings Through Better Feeding Practices North Carolina Sea Grant
Pond Culture of Hybrid Striped Bass Culture in the North Central Region NCRAC Publication 107
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