Harvesting, Holding and Hauling Fish

Transportation of Warmwater Fish: Equipment and Guidelines SRAC 390
Sorting and Grading Warmwater Fish SRAC 391
Transportation of Warmwater Fish: Procedures and Loading rates SRAC 392
Transportation of Warmwater Fish: Loading Rates and Tips by species SRAC 393
Harvesting Warmwater Fish SRAC 394
Anesthetics in Aquaculture SRAC 3900
Components and Use of an In-Pond Fish Grading system SRAC 3901
Advances in Catfish Harvesting Gear: Seines and Live Cars SRAC 1805
Using Salt to Transport Live Fish Kentucky State University
Pure Oxygen and Live Fish Transport Kentucky State University
Transporting Channel Catfish Fry and Fingerlings in Plastic Bags Kentucky State University
Catfish: Harvesting Mississippi State University
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