Catfish Production

Channel Catfish Production in Ponds Auburn University
Catfish Farming, is it for you? Auburn University
Channel Catfish Life History and Biology SRAC 180
Farm-raised Channel Catfish University of Florida
Catfish Farmer's Handbook Mississippi State University
Costs of Small-Scale Catfish Production SRAC 1800
Production of Hybrid Catfish SRAC 190
Inventory Assessment Methods for Aquaculture Ponds SRAC 395
Texas Catfish Production in Ponds Texas A&M University
Catfish Feeds and Feeding

A Practical Guide to Nutrition, Feeds & Feeding Catfish

Mississippi State University

Catfish Nutrition: Feeding Food Fish

Mississippi State University

Effects of Nutrition on Body Composition and Subsequent Storage Quality of Farm-raised Channel Catfish

SRAC 6000
Feed Price Risk Management Considerations for Catfish Producers Mississippi State University
Feeding Catfish in Commercial Ponds SRAC 181
Impacts of Diet Composition and Feeding Practices on Channel Catfish Production SRAC 187
Restricted Feeding Regimes Increase Production Efficiency in Channel Catfish SRAC 189
Feed Ingredients and Feeds for Channel Catfish SRAC 1806
Catfish Broodfish and Hatchery Management
Practical Channel Catfish Brood Stock-Selection and Management ( 2008 ) Auburn University

Production of Hybrid Catfish

SRAC 190
Design and Construction of Degassing Units for Catfish Hatcheries SRAC 191
Incubating and Hatching Catfish Eggs in McDonald Jars Auburn University
Water Quantity and Quality Requirements for Channel Catfish Hatcheries SRAC 461
Channel Catfish Broodfish Management SRAC 1802
Channel Catfish Broodfish and Hatchery Management SRAC 1803
Managing Hatch Rate and Diseases in Catfish Eggs SRAC 1804
Producing Hybrid Catfish Fry MS State -USDA-ARS
Fry-Pond Preparation for Rearing Channel Catfish Mississippi State University
Fry Stocking Rates for the Production of Channel Catfish Fingerlings University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Pond Preparation for Spawning Channel Catfish Mississippi State University
Length-Weight Relationship for Channel Catfish Fingerlings Mississippi State University
Catfish Off-flavor management and Testing
Testing Flavor Quality of Preharvest Channel Catfish SRAC 431
Managing Off-Flavor Problems in Pond-Raised Catfish SRAC 192
Catfish Processing
Small Scale, On-Farm Fish Processing SRAC 442
Processing Channel Catfish SRAC 183

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