Fish Health and Treatments

Laboratories Approved to Conduct Diagnostic Testing in Support of Export Health Certification of Aquaculture Species (may also provide general diagnostics)



Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS) Help prevent the spread of disease Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario, Canada
Medicated Feed for Food Fish SRAC 473
The Role of Stress in Fish Disease SRAC 474
Proliferative Gill Disease ( Hamburger Gill ) SRAC 475
Ich ( White Spot Disease ) SRAC 476
ESC - Enteric Septicemia of Catfish SRAC 477
Enteric Septicemia of Catfish ( revised ) Auburn University
Nitrite Poisoning or " Brown Blood " Disease: A Preventable Problem Auburn University
Aeromonas Bacterial Infections SRAC 478
Columnaris Disease SRAC 479
Saprolegniasis ( Winter Fungus ) of Commercially Cultured Channel Catfish SRAC 4700
Protozoan Parasites SRAC 4701
Channel Catfish Virus Disease SRAC 4702
Disease Prevention on Fish Farms SRAC 4703
Prebiotics and Probiotics: Definitions and Applications SRAC 4711
Infestations of the Trematode, Bolbophorus sp., in Channel Catfish SRAC 1801
Calculating Treatments for Ponds and Tanks SRAC 410
List of Approved Therapeutics for Food Fish FDA ( 02/2111 )
FDA Approves New Antimicrobial for Catfish FDA ( Oct. 2005 )
List of Unapproved Therapeutics of Low Regulatory Priority for Food Fish FDA ( Jan. 2004 )
Treatment Level Calculator University of California at Davis
The Use of Copper in Aquaculture and Farm Ponds University of Florida
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