Controlling Bagworms On Ornamentals

Bagworms can seriously damage plants in your yard, but with proper care, the pests can be controlled.

Bagworms make spindle-shaped bags on narrow-leafed evergreens such as junipers, Arizona cypress and cedars. Bagworms can kill a plant by eating the foliage.

"You can control bagworms by hand-picking them from infested plants during the winter or before the eggs hatch in the spring," says Dr. Patricia Cobb, an entomologist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

Cobb suggests using chemicals to control bagworms only as a last resort. "Chemicals, such as Orthene Turf, can kill bagworms if applied in May or June while the caterpillars are still small," says Cobb.

SOURCE: DR. PATRICIA P. COBB, Extension entomologist , Alabama Cooperative Extension System (334) 844-6392.