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 Wednesday, September 2, 2015
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Family and Consumer Science

Food Safety, Preparation and Preservation

Amelia McGrew - Regional Extension Agent

ServSafe Food Safety Logo

ServSafe - Two day Food Safety Certification course for food permit holders meeting the ADPH requirements mandated by 1/1/10. Class size limited.

Mobile Extension office offers help to ensure home food preparation and preservation is done safely and effectively.  Safe food handling can prevent food borne illness. This program area highlights ways to prepare, preserve, and store food safely.

Click on the links for some of our most requested publications. 

  1. Pickles and Relishes See full size image
  2. Wise Methods of Canning Vegetables
  3. Summer the Year Round with Frozen Fruits

Home Food Production 101 Classes


Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program -


Takisha Gordon - EFNEP Agent Assistant

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is designed to assist limited resource audiences in acquiring the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and changed-behavior necessary for nutritionally sound diets, and to contribute to their personal development and the improvement of the total family diet and nutritional well-being.


Human Nutrition, Diet and Health

Carolyn Bivins - Regional Extension Agent

Many Americans are becoming more interested in their diet as it relates to good health. Teaching participants healthy principles such as Dietary Guidelines, good meal management and how to have an active life style is the focus of this program area.

Click on the links for some of our most requested publications. Happy Background with a Rainbow and Children Clipart Picture

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. What Should You Eat to Stay Healthy

Family and Child Development

Margaret Odom - Regional Extension Agent

Our goal is to strengthen families by teaching all family members, but especially parents, how to apply researched-generated information and knowledge to improve the quality of their lives and family relationships.

Click on the links for some of our most requested publications. 

  1. Strengthen Your Marriage
  2. Building Family Strengths
  3. Communication: Building a Strong Bridge Between You and Your Children


Consumer Science and Personal Financial Management

Amanda Outlaw - Urban Regional Extension Agent

This program area seeks to equip adults with the knowledge to manage their financial resources wisely and to make wise consumer decisions regarding purchases, debt management, investments, and estate management.See full size image

Click on the links for some of our most requested publications. 

  1. 101 Ways to Save Money
  2. Savings and Investments
  3. Know Your Life Insurance Needs

Personal Financial Management Programs

Rick Zapata - Regional Extension Agent

  • Estate Planning Workshop: Wills, Probate Law, Trusts, Reverse Mortgages, Medicaid Law
  • Heir Property: Causes of Heir Property: Correcting the problem
  • Small Business Workshop: Starting A Business From Scratch, How to Budget a Small Business, Marketing Your Small Business, Bookkeeping for A Small Business, Financing a Small Business
  • Identity Theft: Fraud Aimed at Seniors, Lottery Scams, Nigerian Scam, Prevention of Identity Theft, What to do if You Become A Victim
  • Budgeting Workshop: How to Develop a Budget, Budgeting to Get Debt Free, How to Fund a Savings Plan, How to Prepare for Retirement
  • Returning to Work: Unemployment Workshop, How to Develop A Skills Based Resume, How to Prepare for an Interview, How to Develop a Job Search Network, How to do an Internet Job Search
  • Credit Workshop: How to Understand a Credit Report, How to Repair Your Credit Score, Parts of the Credit Report
  • Understanding the Recession: Definition of Recession, How Recessions Happen, Understanding the GDP, How to Best Survive a Recession
  • Money Management: How to Save for a Home, How to Pay For Your Home Sooner, How to Buy Smart, How to Save for Retirement
  • Reality Check: Budget Program for High School Students, Basic Monthly Budget


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