Marshall County 4-H Clubs

For information about the Marshall County 4-H Program
please contact Amy Burgess.


The Marshall County 4-H Program is a proud partnering agency with United Way of Marshall County.

What is 4-H?
4-H is a learning-by-doing education program for boys and girls in kindergarten through 12th grade. It can involve “any kid…any time...anywhere” through one-time events, camps, organized 4-H clubs (with officers and membership cards), or activities. Young people have an array of choices in their 4-H experience. Wherever energy, creativity, and involvement match the 4-H mission, values, and objectives-that is 4-H!

4-H is the youth development and education program of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. For more than 100 years, Alabama 4-H has helped young people develop into resourceful citizens and responsible leaders. To achieve the goal of helping youth become productive individuals, professional Extension staff enlist support from caring, concerned parents as well as volunteer and business leaders.

The purpose of 4-H is to foster skill development in young people. Youth are given opportunities to select from a variety of programs and projects. Individuality is valued, and each person is encouraged to discover his or her own skills, talents, and interests. 4-H helps young people learn to make decisions, think critically, build relationships, practice leadership, and develop a concern for their community and their world.

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4-H Club Purpose:
The purpose of 4-H Club work is to help young people to develop skills; to develop an appreciaiton for scientific information; to develop leadership and citizenship that will be useful regardless of their occupation; and to discover, dvelop, and use wisely their individual abilities and talents. 
4-H Club Pledge:
I pledge:
     My Head to clearer thinking,
     My Heart to greater loyalty,
     My Hands to larger service,
     My Health to better living
     For my club, my community, 
     my country and my world. 


4-H Club Emblem:
The national 4-H CLub emblem is a four leaf clover with an H in each leaf.  This clover is a symbol of achievement and good luck.  The Hs stand for equal training of the Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.  The emblem is protected by a U.S. copyright.  It cannot be altered, overprinted, or overinscribed.
4-H Club Colors:
The National 4-H Club colors are green and white.  The white background is for purity.  The green stands for growing things- plants, flowers, and crops- and is a symbol of life, youth and growth.

4-H Club Motto:
To Make The Best Better!


Slogans for 4-H Members:
To win without bragging, and lose without whining.
To learn by doing.
To plan the work and work the plan.
To beat one's best own best record.
To be true to the 4-H pledge.
To ccoperate and work with others.
To learn to follow and then to lead.

Suggestions for 4-H members:
Be at meetings on time, every time.  Don't miss a one.  If you are elected an officer, learn you rduties and do a goo djob.  If you are appointed to a committee or haev a part on the program, do your best.  If you give a demonstration, practice and study beforehand.  Try to make it a good one. 


4-H Club Creed:
   I believe in boys' and girls' 4-H Club work for the opportunity it gives me to become a useful citizen.
     I believe in the training of my Head for the power it will give me to think, plan and reason.
     I beleive in the training  of my Heart for the nobleness it will give me to be kind, sympathetic and true.
     I beleive in the training of my Hands for the ability it will give me to be helpful, skillful and useful.
     I beleive in the training of my Health for the strength it will give me to enjoy life, resist disease, and make for efficiency.
     I beleive in the United States of America and in my responsibility for its development.
     I am, therefore, willing to devote my efforts to the fullfillment of these things which I beleive.


Types of 4-H Clubs:
In school clubs:  A school 4-H club may meet  at the elementary schoo, junior high, or senior high school.  Regular meetings are held during the school year with officers in charge.  They are assigned by a local adult leader (normally a teacher) and the Extension agent.  Demonstrations and special seasonal activities are held in a central location after school.
Special Interest clubs:  These clubs meet outside of school, normally at a home of a member.  It is run by an adult volunteer leader.  These clubs have 4-H officers who conduct each of the meetings and activities.  These clubs typically only study one area such as horses, shooting sports, livestock, dogs, sewing, etc..
Community Clubs:   These clubs are typically organized by parents, members, and adult leaders for all young people in a community between the ages of 9 and 19.  Meetings are held in homes, on farms, and at schools or clubhouses. 


Alabama 4-H Projects:
Each member must select and carry at least one good 4-H project that fits his or her needs.  Talk over all projects and activities with your parents and your local 4-H leader.  Then selct at least one.  You will want to keep a project record, make an exhibit, give a demonstration, and write up your project for future use in the Alabama Achivement Program. 
Do a good job with your project. There are many Extension Publications that can help you with your projects as well.   You can add more projects as you get older.  Here is a list of 4-H projects and activities that you may choose from:  Contact Mrs. Burgess if you have any questions:
Animal Science, Beef, Cats, Dogs, Dairy Cattle, Goats, Horse and Pony, Meat Science, Pets-other than dogs and cats, Poultry and Embryology, Rabbits, Sheep, Swine, Veterinary Science
Arts and Crafts, Performing arts, and Photography
Child Devlopment, Consumer Education, Home Environment, Sewing and Textiles
Fitness and Sports, Foods and Nutrition, Health, Safety, Environmental Health
Citizenship, Cultural Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Public Speaking, Career Exploration and Awareness.
ATV Safety and Ethics, Forestry, Outdoor Recreation, Shooting Sports, Sportsfishing, and Wildlife
Entomology, Gardening
Aerospace, Bicycle, Computer, Electric, GIS/GPS, Robotics, Small Engines, and Woodworking


Calendar of Events

June 7-9, 2006
June 21-23, 2006
Summer Camp
Summer camp pics
June 13, 2006 Regional Congress
June 25-28, 2006 State Congress
Northeast Regional Council Meeting
July 6, 2006 Ronald McDonald House Community Service Project (Birmingham, AL)
Alabama Collegiate 4-H Annual Summer Meeting
               (for incoming college freshman)
July 28-30, 2006 Collegiate 4-H Retreat
October 27, 2006 American Village Tour (Montevello, AL)

Shooting Sports Club

The 4-H Shooting Sports program is designed to:

  • Give boys and girls thorough instruction in gun safety;
  • Provide proper training in the use of firearms;
  • Develop self-confidence. personal discipline, responsibility, and sportsmnaship;
  • Create an appreciation and understanding of natural resources;
  • Provide volunteer instructors safe and proper instructional techniques.
The Marshall County Shooting Sports program is lead by Mr. Tommy Williams.  The group meets in Albertville the second Tuesday of each month.  The group is open to boys and girls, ages 9-19.  If you have any questions, please contact Amy Burgess at the Extesnion Office. 

American Wilderness Leadership School

Congratulations to Michael Robertson for having been chosen as Alabama's representative to the 2006 American Wilderness Leadership School Program.  Michael will be traveling to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in July!  Congratulations to Michael!

Marshall County 4-H Horse Club

The Marshall County 4-H Horse Club is a volunteer lead club that meets in Arab the third Saturday of each month at JRC stables owned by Robert and Jennifer Cruise. The club's goals are to teach young people about the joys and responsibilities of horse ownership, health and maintenance of equine, safe riding practices, and the overall well being of horse and owner. 

Members of the club work on projects each month dealing with horses and also prepare for the State 4-H Horse Show. Projects range from photography to public speaking to horse judging.  They participate in fun shows as well as community service projects.  The group will be meeting agin in August to set up the fall schedule.  If you would like to join the group or would like more information, please contact one of the following people: Amy Burgess, County Extension Agent Assistant; email:, office phone: (256) 582-2009, or office cell: (256) 558-7443 or Jennifer Cruise at (256) 931-5967 or email Mrs. Cruise at

Regional Congress Delegation

Kelly Whitman- 
     Altered Photography
Natalie Mathis-
     Traditional Photography
Olivia Lindsey- 
     Persuasive Public Speaking
Kaylee Mercer- 
     Informative Public Speaking
Breanna Haymon- 
     Present It WIth Power
Paisley Varano- 
     Plant, Soil and Environmental Science
Carissa Crider-
     Healthy Living For Life
Kathryn Anderson-
     Freestyle Showcase
Carly Bedsole and Erin Whitlow-
     Freestyle Demonstration
Cory Johnson-
     Extreme Birdhouse
Anna Montgomery-
Lauren Toles-
     Chef 4-H
Emily Norris and Nicole Smith-
     Blocks Rocks
Taylor McGeorge-
     Bicycle Rodeo
John William Richey-
     Compact Tractor
Senior 1
Drew Grimes-
     Compact Tractor
Brittney Alexander-
     Healthy Living For Life
Daniel Grimes-
Chase Kerr and Bronsen Edmonds-
     Blocks Rocks
Cassie Noles-
     Present It With Power
Marissa Edmonds-
     Traditional Photography
Senior 2
Cassandra Smith-
     Persuasive Public Speaking
Jesse Pettit-
     Informative Public Speaking
Amanda Ellenburg- 
     Plant, Soil and Environmental Science
Alex Clark-
     Compact Tractor
Cameron Broadus-
Lisa Wilson-
     Chef 4-H

Voting Delegates:
Amanda Ellenburg and Bronsen Edmonds

Amanda Ellenburg and Marissa Edmonds

Regional Representative Nominees:
Lisa Wilson and Jesse Pettit

Marshall County 4-H Clubs

County Roundup Results

Two hundred and seventy-five 4-H Club members, plus their parents and countless volunteers participated in the 2006 Marshall County Roundup on Wednesday, April 29, 2006.  The event was held at the Guntersville Recreation Center and featured 15 competitive events.

First, second, and third place winners received prizes and ribbons and all young people participating received certificates and ribbons.  First place winners in each division will represent Marshall County at the Regional Roundup which is planned for June 13 on the campus of Alabama A & M University in Huntsville.

All 4-H Club Leaders and school administrators were recognized during the awards ceremony.   Winners from the earlier Record Book Competition were announced.    In addition, the “Leader of the Year Award” was presented to Mrs. Deborah Williams from the Union Grove 5th grade club.   Club of the Year Award was presented to the Evans Elementary 5th and 6th grade club.  The leaders of the Evans club are Mrs. Belita Bunch and Virginia Sanders.

Junior Bicycle Rodeo 1st place:   Taylor McGeorge  Douglas 5
2nd place:  Ryley Farmer  Grassy 5th
3rd place:  Haley Edwards  DAR 4th
Blocks Rocks
1st place:   Nicole Smith  Arab 5th
                  Emily Norris  Arab 5th
2nd place:  Sarah Holloway  Arab 5th
                  Brittney Kent  Arab 5th
                  Jenna Stone  Arab 5th
3rd place:  William Hudson  Arab 5th
                  Jordan Hudson  Arab 5th
Senior 1 
Blocks Rocks
1st place:   Bronsen Edmonds BMMS 8th
                  Chase Kerr   BMMS 8th
Senior 2 
Blocks Rocks
1st place:   Drew Grimes  DMS
                  Michael Robertson DMS
Chef 4-H
1st place:   Lauren Toles  Arab 5th
2nd place:  Hannah Hudson  Arab 5th
3rd place:  Gavin Gilliland  Grassy 4th
Senior 2 
Chef 4-H
1st place:   Lisa Wilson   AHS
1st place:   Anna Montgomery DMS
2nd place:  Camille Walters  Arab 5th
3rd place:   Nikki Gunter  Douglas 5th
Senior 1 
1st place:   Daniel Grimes  DMS
Senior 2 
1st place:   Cameron Broadus AHS
Compact Tractor Driving
1st place:   John William Richey AJHS
2nd place:  Jordan McGeorge  Douglas 5th
3rd place:   Eric Lemaster  Asbury 6th
Senior 1 
Compact Tractor Driving
1st place:   Chase Kerr   BMMS 8th
Senior 2 
Compact Tractor Driving
1st place:   Alex Clark   MTS
2nd place:  Drew Grimes  DMS
Extreme Birdhouses
1st place:   Cory Johnson  Arab 4th
2nd place:  Jessica Webb  Evans 5th
3rd place:   Lucy Bradley  Cherokee 5
Senior 1 
Extreme Birdhouses
1st place:   Cassie Conley  BMHS
                   Elizabeth Santos  BMHS
2nd place:  Jim Dixon   MTS
Senior 2 
Extreme Birdhouses
1st place:   Cassandra Smith  BMHS
2nd place:  Drew Grimes  DMS
                   Michael Robertson DMS
Freestyle Demonstration
1st place:   Erin Whitlow  Arab 5th
                  Carly Bedsole  Arab 5th
2nd place:  Meredith Roy  Arab 5th
                   Abby Burks   Arab 5th
3rd place:   Chelsey Warren  Arab 5th
                   Hannah Barksdale Arab 5th
Senior 1 
Freestyle Demonstration
1st place:   Kaitlyn Stricklend AJHS
Senior 2 
Freestyle Demonstration
1st place:   Michael Robertson DMS
2nd place:  Robert Campbell  MTS
                  Cory Hawkins  MTS
3rd place:  Josh Stevens  MTS
                  Wesley Strickland MTS
Freestyle Showcase
1st place:   Kathryn Anderson Cherokee 5
2nd place:  Nicole Smith  Arab 5th
3rd place:  Shellie King  Arab 4th
Healthy Living For Life
1st place:   Carissa Crider  Arab 5th
2nd place:  Alex Marbut  Arab 5th
3rd place:   Summer Stephens Asbury 4th
Senior 1 
Healthy Living For Life
1st place:   Brittney Alexander BMMS 8th
Senior 2 
Healthy Living For Life
1st place:   Ashley Vanderver BMHS
2nd place:  Kesha Wilson  BMHS
Photography Exhibit-Altered
1st place:   Kelly Whitman  Douglas 4
2nd place:  Kayla Wilbanks  BMMS 8th
3rd place:   Skylar Graham  Arab 5th
1st place:   Natalie Mathis  Cherokee 5
2nd place:  Abbi Eblen   Douglas 5
3rd place:   Alex Williams  UG 4th
Senior 1 
1st place:   Marissa Edmonds  BMHS
2nd place:  Anna Hood   BMMS 8th
3rd place:   Brooke Pesnell  AHS
Senior 2 
1st place:   Amanda Roughton AHS
Plant, Soil and Environmental Science
1st place:   Paisley Verano  AJHS
2nd place:  Jeffrey Craven  BMMS 7th
3rd place:   Morgan Whitley  AJHS
                   Michaela Daugherty AJHS
Senior 2 
Plant, Soil and Environmental Science
1st place:   Amanda Ellenburg AHS
2nd place:  Jesse Pettit   MCCC
Present It With Power
1st place:   Breanna Haymon  Arab 4th
2nd place:  Daniel Robertson  DMS
3rd place:   Joe Crowder  Arab 4th
Senior 1 
Present It With Power
1st place:   Cassie Noles  MTS
Woodworking Exhibit
1st place:   Alicia Traylor  Arab 4th
2nd place:  Claire Birkholz  Cherokee 5
3rd place:   David Burgett  Grassy 4th
Senior 1 
Woodworking Exhibit
1st place:   Bronsen Edmonds BMMS 8th
2nd place:  Lee Duncan   DMS
Senior 2 
Woodworking Exhibit
1st place:   Coti Smith   AHS
2nd place:  Robert Campbell  MTS
3rd place:  Cory Hawkins  MTS
Record Books 4th grade:
1st place:    Natalie Hinton  Arab 4th
5th grade:
1st place:    Allison Montgomery Douglas 5th
6th-8th grade:
1st place:    Taylor Holloway  AJHS
9th-12th grade:
1st place:    Michael Robertson  DMS
6th - 8th
9th - 12th
JunioR Level:     Ages 9-13
Senior 1 Level:   Ages 14 and 15
(age 14 on January 1 of calendar year)
Senior 2 Level:   Ages 16-19

• AJHS--  Arab Junior High School
• BMMS--  Brindlee Mountain Middle School
• AHS--  Arab High School
• DMS—Douglas Middle and High School Club 
• MCCC--  Marshall County Community Club
• UG—Union Grove Elementary School
• MTS- Marshall Technical School
• BMHS- Brindlee Mountain High School



The Annual 4-H Public Speaking competition was conducted on March 28, 2006 at the courthouse in Guntersville.  Twenty-three Marshall County 4-H Club Members, representing clubs from throughout Marshall County, competed for the right to represent the county at the Regional 4-H Public Speaking competition. 4-H Public Speaking has two divisions:  The Persuasive Division, and the Informative Division.   The participants were also divided by age. Junior 4-H’ers are ages 9-13; Senior 1 4-H’ers are ages 14 and 15, and Senior 2 4-H’ers are 16-19. 

Top winners in each of the divisions will compete with 10 other North Alabama Counties at the Regional competition on June 13.  This competition will be held on the campus of Alabama A&M University.

Junior Persuasive Category 1st place: Olivia Lindsey (Arab 4th)
2nd place:  Austin Anderson (MCCC)
3rd place:   Sarah Dettweiler (MCCC)

Other participants included: 
Jessica Segers, DAR; Lucy Patterson, DAR; Jordan Lunn; Grassy 5th; and Jessica Claveland, Grassy 4th.

Senior 2 Persuasive Category 1st place:  Cassandra Smith (BMHS)
2nd place:  Jessie Pettit (MCCC)
Junior Informative Category 1st place:   Kaylee Mercer (DAR)
2nd place:   Kayla Branum (DAR)
3rd place:  Savannah Duncan (Douglas 5th)

Other participants included:
Kayla Hogue, Grassy 4th; Kimberly Slocumb, DAR; Chris Pearl, BMMS 6th; Dori Marler, DAR; LeShae Wilbourn, Grassy 5th; and Alexis Knight, Grassy 4th.

Senior 1 Informative Category 1st place:   Elizabeth Santos (BMHS)
2nd place:   Chase Kerr (BMMS 8)
Senior 2 Informative Category 1st place:    Amanda Ellenburg (AHS)
2nd place:   Cameron Broadus (AHS)
3rd place:   Lisa Wilson (AHS) 

Photo Captions:
Photo 1:  Winners of the 2006 Marshall County 4-H Public Speaking Junior Informative Category. 

Photo 2:   Winners of the 2006 Marshall County 4-H Public Speaking Senior 1 Informative Category.

Photo 3:  Winners of the 2006 Marshall County 4-H Public Speaking Senior 2 Informative Category.

Photo 4:     Winners of the 2006 Marshall County 4-H Public Speaking Junior Persuasive Category.

Photo 5:     Winners of the 2006 Marshall County 4-H Public Speaking Senior 2 Persuasive Category.

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