Climate and Weather: Information and Education

Climate Variability

Have you ever wondered why a sudden or untimely change in daily weather or climate in a season such as heavy rainfall or snowfall, thunderstorms, increased number of hurricanes or tornados, prolonged drought happened? These are all due to climate variability. The effects of climate variability are definitely a concern to human activity and environment and detail information about this, is always important and useful to farmers, growers, stakeholders as well as scientists and researchers.

NOAA Geostationary Satellite Server

Climate is very dynamic and changes naturally on decadal, seasonal or in long-term basis. These kinds of changes may result in variations in patterns of sea surface temperature and pressure or wind speed or jet stream. Climate variability is also related to the frequency of hurricanes and intensity of precipitation or drought. One of the most understood and debated phenomenon associated to interannual and seasonal climate variability is El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO).