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Climate and Weather: Information and Education

What is the difference between Climate Change
and Climate Variability?

The fluctuations in climate conditions of a place such as warmer or colder, wetter or drier conditions occur drastically as climate is very dynamic. The changes in climate conditions for a place or regions which is seasonal, decadal or in long-term basis are known as climate change. Any changes in climate (changes in precipitation or temperature) which must occurred for few decades and brought drastic changes in human lives and natural systems are defined as climate change by US climate change service program.


Climate variability is an inherent characteristic of climate and it varies with time. Any change of climate conditions from its normal is climate variability. Climate variability is measured as the abnormalities from the average climate conditions which are better known as climate anomalies. The measurement of climate change and climate variability is similar as both are judged by the changes in meteorological elements from its' long-term averages.