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Trap Crop System for Squash Pests

Since 2013, we have been evaluating the effectiveness of Baby Blue (recent vendor: High Mowing Seeds) and New England (recent vendor: Reimer Seeds) Blue Hubbard squash varities to attract cucumber beetles, squash bugs, and squash vine borers. Those three insects are major pests of yellow squash in Alabama and can cause 50% or more crop loss in organic systems. Hubbard squash trap crops can benefit small and medium sized organic farms with improved pest management. Below are videos and publications related to the effectiveness of the Hubbard squash trap crop system. Since this system is still under research, producers should contact Dr. A (251-331-8416) or a Regional Extension Agent for designing an optimal insect management system for your farm that incorporates multiple methods.


Hubbard Trap Crop (Part-1): Cucumber Beetle Management

This IPM video provides the basic principle of trap cropping and describes the effectiveness of Hubbard squash as a trap crop for cucumber beetles. Watch other videos to learn about the effectiveness of Hubbard varieties for squash bug and vine borer control.

Hubbard Trap Crop (Part-2): Squash Bug and Vine Borer Control

This is the second video in the Hubbard squash trap crop series focusing on squash bug and squash vine borer management. Please watch video Part 1 to learn about trap cropping for cucumber beetle management.

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