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Alabama Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Center

IPM Webinars

Welcome to the peanut IPM webinars done as part of the Agronomic Crops Webinar Series. Most recent webinars are on the top followed by older webinars that have been archived. Insecticide recommendations change from time-to-time, so producers must read the label and/or consult their extension agent or crop advisor for updates. Always watch the latest webinars before watching the new ones so that you get the latest information. Mention of product names does not mean endorsement. For peanut insect pest questions, please call Dr. A at 251-331-8416 or email bugdoctor@auburn.edu.

Peanut IPM Webinar (2017)

Peanut insect pests: What to scout for in the early season (18 min)

Peanut IPM Webinar (2016)

Early season thrips control in peanuts (18 min)

Agronomic Crops Web Conference (2010):

Agronomic Crops Web Conference (2009):

Extension Technology Web Conference (2009):


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