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Evaluation Training Step 3

How to Select the Appropriate Evaluation Technique

Evaluation technique should be:

  1. Simplistic

  2. Cost Effective

  3. Realistic

  4. Reportable

  5. Repeatable

Evaluation Decision-Making

Below are some key considerations for selecting correct evaluation technique/s (modified from McNamara, 2006) that should be part of your Evaluation Plan. You can also consult with the ACES-PERC members to develop an Evaluation Plan for your program.

  1. What information is needed to assess impact of Extension Program?

  2. What is the most economical way to collect feedback and analyze data?

  3. How to increase reliability of evaluations? Will one technique work or multiple techniques are needed to increase accuracy of evaluations?

  4. How to analyze and report evaluation findings?

  5. Who will administer the evaluation techniques? Will the evaluator need prior training?

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