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Alabama Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Center

Extension IPM Evaluation Toolkit

Welcome to the ACES Program Evaluation toolkit developed with the following objectives:

  1. Providing basic information regarding evaluation types and strategies suitable for extension professionals
  2. Assist Extension professionals to develop variety of evaluation instruments and data collection methods
  3. Share evaluation resources for extension capacity building (see templates below)

Evaluation Templates

Below are some evaluation templates as examples; please download, modify and use them for your needs. Notice that surveys are targeted to specific audience, relate to the project objectives, and the actual educational content to reduce subjectivity and error. Use multiple types of quantitative and qualitative evaluations to get a better understanding program outcomes and impacts. In other words, survey design, method, and accuracy of questions are important factors for successful evaluations. Make sure you provide time to the audience when evaluating them - do not rush the feedback process! Please contact azm0024@auburn.edu for any clarification.

Project Management & Evaluation Resources

Alabama Vegetable IPM Program Resources

Evaluation Publications

Workshop presentations (please contact Dr. A for updates)

Useful Software for Educators

Impact Video Reports

BFRD Project Outcomes and Impacts (Video Report 2017)

This video provides a brief overview of major project outcomes and impacts based on numerous evaluation surveys in various formats along with grower testimonials. Past videos (see below) provide additional testimonials.

Beginning Farmer Resources Overview (Video Report 2018)

This video provides a summary of all beginning farmer project resources that have been developed since 2015. This website was one of the first collaborative resources developed for new producers..

Alabama Beginning Farmer Program Outcomes - Video Report (2015-2016)

Alabama Beginning Farms Promotional Video (2016)

Alabama Vegetable IPM Project Impact Video Report (2016)

Alabama SARE Program Impact Video (2015)

Grower Testimonial on High Tunnel Pest Exclusion System (SARE Video 2015)

Commercial Horticulture Team Impacts (2015)

Vegetable IPM Project Impacts (2014)

Vegetable IPM Project Impacts (2013)



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