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Alabama Forages

Extension Forage Publications

Alabama Planting Guide for Forage Grasses (ANR-0149)

Alabama Planting Guide for Forage Legumes (ANR-0150)

Alabama Beef Cattle Pocket Guide (ANR-1323)

Choosing Forages For Maximum Grazing Availability (ANR-155)

Collecting Forage Samples for Laboratory Analysis (ANR-2224)

Management Practices to Reduce Grass Tetany (ANR-0495)

Overseeding Summer Sods With Winter Annuals (ANR-227)

Production Guide for Oats (ANR-884)

Stocker Cattle: Performance and Calculated Pasture Costs (ANR-1348)

Serecia Lespedeza: A Pasture, Hay, and Conservation Plant (ANR-1318)

Summer Annual Grasses as Forage Crops in Alabama (ANR-134)

Tall Fescue Endophyte Concepts (ANR-1239)

Varieties of Bermudagrass (ANR-1015)

Pasture and Forage Crops: Insect and Weed Control (IPM-0028)


Timely Information Sheets


A Quick Guide to Grazing Methods (F 2014-5)

Browing Bermuda: What's Going on in my field? (F 2013-2)

Cold Weather and Forage Considerations for Cattleman (MKM-15-2-1)

Determining Forage Demand and Animal Intake (MKM-15-4)

How to Use a Grazing Stick for Pasture Management (FF-1) (html)

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Fescue Toxicosis (F 2014-4)

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Johnsongrass

Frequently Asked Questions: Spring Planting of Cool Season Perennial Grasses (F 2014-1)

Legumes and Nitrogen Frequently Asked Questions: The What, When, Where, and How of Nitrogen Fixation (F 2014-2)

Understanding Stocking Rates in Grazing Systems (MKM-15-3)

What Clover Do I Have? (F2013-1)