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  • Alabama Livestock Sales

    Time: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    Location: 701 Hall Street Greensboro Alabama 36744
    Calendar: Animal Science & Forages
    12/18 - Alabama Livestock Sales
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Alabama Forages

Alabama Fertility and Forages

Charles C. Mitchell

Extension Specialist and Professor
Crop, Soil and Environmental Science

Soils of Alabama (ANR-0340)

Nutrient Content of Fertilizer Materials (ANR-0174)

Nutrient Removal by Alabama Crops (ANR-0449)

The Value and Use of Poultry Manures as Fertilizer (ANR-0244)

Calibrating Poultry Litter Spreaders (ANR-0889)

Nutrient Recommendation Tables for Alabama Crops

Recommendation Tables and additional information on crop recommendations from Auburn University can be found online. For more information visit:


Need a Forage or Soil Test?
For forms and instructions visit the AU Soil and Forage Testing Laboratory

Nutrient Recommendations Tables for Alabama Crops