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The Auburn University Agronomy and Soils Department conducts statewide performance trials of commercially available varieties of corn, cotton, soybean, small grains and ryegrass. Following are links that will take you to the yields of performance trials:

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2015 Performance of Cotton Varieties in Alabama
Cotton Research Report: 2015
Cotton Research Report 2014
2015 National Cotton Fusarium Wilt Report
2015 Alabama On-Farm Cotton Variety Trial Results
Verticulum Wilt Report 2015
Fusarium Wilt Report 2015
2016 Alabama Cotton Letter
2016 Variety Trial Entry Form
2015 Fusarium Wilt Letter

Prior Years' Reports

Other Publications

2015 Performance of Soybean Cultivars in Alabama
Soybean Research Report 2015
Soybean Research Report 2013 & 2014
2016 Alabama Soybean Letter
2016 Variety Trial Entry Form

Prior Years' Reports

Other Publications


Small Grains For Forage

2016 Alabama Corn OVT Entry Form
2016 Corn Hybrid Trials Letter to Participants
2015 On-Farm Corn Hybrid Performance Results
2015 Performance of Field Corn Hybrids in Alabama
2015 Variety Trial Letter
2015 Variety Trial Entry Form

Prior Years' Reports

Other Publications

Other Publications


Small Grains For Grain

2016 Performance of Ryegrass Varieties in Alabama
2015 Performance of Ryegrass Varieties in Alabama
2014 Performance of Ryegrass Varieties

Other Publications
2016 Variety Trial Letter
2016 Variety Trial Entry Form

2014-2015 Performance Small Grains in Alabama
2014-2015 Wheat & Oat Variety Disease Report
2014-2015 On-Farm Wheat Variety Trial Results
Performance of Wheat Varieties in
Alabama, 2013-2014

2014 Alabama Wheat Variety Trial Results
2012-13 Small Grain Report
Other Publications
Small Grain Variety Trial Entry Form
Small Grain Seed Request Letter

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Small Grains Alabama Variety Report Archive

This contains the Alabama Variety Reports on Barley, Corn, Oat, Rye, Triticale, and Wheat. Alabama does not have Variety Reports for Canola or Sorghum.

  • Alabama Variety Reports for Barley

  • Alabama Variety Reports for Corn

  • Alabama Variety Report for Oat

  • Alabama Variety Report for Rye

  • Alabama Variety Report for Triticale

  • Alabama Variety Report for Wheat