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Where Can You Borrow a Phosphine Gas Detector?

Gas detectors cost anywhere from $300 to $2500. That is why the Alabama Wheat and Feed Grain Committee has authorized use of some check-off funds for the purchase some phosphine gas detectors. These detectors are for Alabama farmers to borrow and use when they fumigate their stored grain with aluminum phosphide.

You need to use a phosphine gas detector when you fumigate a commodity with aluminum phosphide (Phostoxin, PH3, Weevil-Cide, etc.). The detector is needed so you can make sure you and others are safe from exposure to the highly toxic phosphine gas during the fumigation. It is a legal requirement that you keep a log of the phoshine gas concentration in the area surrounding the structure that is being fumigated. This is part of the Fumigation Management Plan.

If you need to borrow a gas detector, please contact Kathy Flanders at 334-844-6393.


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