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Certified Horticulture Retailer

Certified Retailers

Fall 2013

Madison Farmers Cooperative (Meridianville, AL)

Website: http://www.madisoncoop.com/default.htm


Karen Artis (right) with Gary Gray (REA)


Schuerman Farm


Robert Schuerman (right) with Bethany O'Rear (REA)


Carla Schuerman (right) with Gary Gray (REA)


City of Birmingham


Caver Nicklson (right) with Bethany O'Rear (REA)


M.L. Awbrey's

Melanie Wilkins

Melanie Wilkins (left) with Chip East (REA)

john wilkins

John Wilkins (left) with Chip East (REA)


Plant World Nursery

Website: http://plantworldal.com/

Skye Fuller

Skye Fuller (left) with Chip East (REA)


Design by Suzanne

Suzanne Montgomery

Suzanne Montgomery (left) with Chip East (REA)


Andalusia Farmers Cooperative (Andalusia, AL):

Website: http://www.andalusiacoop.com/

Miranda Huckabaa

Miranda Huckabaa (left) with Chip East (REA)


Spring 2013

Cherokee Farmers Cooperative (Jacksonville, AL):

Website: http://www.cherokeecoop.com/

cory key

Cory Key (right) with Bethany O'Rear (REA)

coty galloway

Coty Galloway (right) with Bethany O'Rear (REA)


Harrell's LLC (Sylacauga, AL):

Website: http://www.harrells.com/

Craig Haskins

Craig Haskins (right) with Gary Gray (REA)

Sam Strawbridge

Sam Strawbridge (right) with Gary Gray (REA)


Andalusia Farmers Cooperative (Andalusia, AL):

Website: http://www.andalusiacoop.com/

Lisa Holmes

Lisa Holmes (center) and Josh Mauldin (left) with Neil Kelly (REA)


Elberta Farmers Cooperative (Elberta, AL):

Website: http://www.elbertacoop.com/

Sam Lincoln

Sam Lincoln (left) with Neil Kelly (REA)

Thank you to all participants for supporting the CHR program.