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Alabama Beginning Farms

Commercial Horticulture Webinar Series

Commercial Horticulture Extension webinars provide quick updates to producers on various topics of interest. For questions or suggestions regarding the webinar series, please email Dr. Ayanava Majumdar, bugdoctor@auburn.edu.

2018 Webinars (9:00 to 9:30 a.m.)

Date Topic Presenters

January 16

Dynamic model for chilling estimation for fruit crops

Fire blight resistant apple rootstocks trial in Alabama

Gary Gray

Elina Coneva

February 19

Update on citrus pathogens

Preparing turfgrass for the growing season

Kassie Conner

Dave Han

March 26


Conventional and organic insecticide review for tomato and pepper production

Using Turning Point to evaluate crop production in low chill year

Chip East & Joe Kemble

Ayanava Majumdar

Gary Gray

April 30

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - How does it affect farmers?

New pumpkin varieties for Alabama

Conventional and organic insecticide review for cucurbit production

Kevin Burkett

Joe Kemble

Ayanava Majumdar

May 21

Identification, epidemiology and management of bacterial spot on tomato and peppers

Pecan propogation

Green Industry Jobs Program

Ed Sikora

Doug Chapman

Bethany O'Rear

June 25

Vegetable insect pest monitoring project updates

Weed control updates in solanaceous crops (tomato, pepper)

High Density Peach Orchard Systems Research Trial in Alabama

Ayanava Majumdar

Steve Li

Elina Coneva

July 30

Application efficiency of granular preemergents in container nurseries

Status of peach varieties after several low temperature weather events during flowering

Access to land and capital for beginning farmers

Jeremy Pickens


Edgar Vinson

Jessica Kelton

August 27

Fall maintenance tips for turf grass

Update on the status of yellowmargined leaf beetle in cole crop

Produce Safety Rule Updates

Dave Han

Ayanava Majumdar

Kristin Woods

September 24

Weed management practices in cucurbits

Diagnostic lab updates

Irrigation updates

Fall Vegetable Crops

Steve Li

Kassie Conner

Anis Bouselmi & Neil Kelly

Joe Kemble

October 29

Planting demo - update

Contracting for pollination services

Jeremy Pickens & James Miles

Brittney Goodrich

November 26

Considerations in aquaponics


Review of Commercial Horticulture Educational Resources for Growers

Daniel Wells

David Held

Ayanava Majumdar