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Alabama Animal Waste Management

About the AAWM Team

The Overall Objective of the AAWM Team

"To use Extension and research resources to assist animal producers and the animal production industry to be stewards of the land, water and air of Alabama by successfully addressing animal waste management issues using scientifically, environmentally and economically sound waste utilization solutions."

AAWM is a collaborative effort of Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Auburn University College of Agriculture, and Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, cooperating with commodity groups, state resource and regulatory agencies, and the Alabama Interagency Waste Management Team (IWMT).

AAWM AU campus-based team members are experts in a variety of areas related to animal waste management, environmental regulations, agricultural economics, crop and soil science, water quality and agricultural pollution prevention.

Some of the more recently active campus & regional-based aawm specialist members include:

Alabama Cooperative Extension System County or Regional Agents who are active in Extension Animal Waste Management programming efforts, including Extension Team Projects or In-Service Training, complete the AAWM Extension/Research Team.

For more information, or for a referral to another AAWM Team specialist, please contact: Kent Stanford, Extension Specialist, (256) 528-7133, (256) 528-2224 fax, e-mail: stanfmk@aces.edu