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 Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Alabama Meat Goat Safety & Quality Assurance

Alabama Meat Goat Safety and Quality Assurance Dr. Diego M. Gimenez Jr., Extension Specialist, Associate Professor

Assuring the consumer that Alabama goat producers are providing goat products that meet or exceed expectations every time. That they are good to eat, that they are safe and healthy, they taste good and are tender.

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Good Production Practice # 4

Medicated Feed Additives

The term medicated feed includes all medicated feed products intended to be a substantial source of nutrients in the diet of an animal.

The term includes products commonly referred to as supplements or concentrates (grain mixture that contains medication), premix feeds (concentrated medications mixed with additional roughage or concentrates), and base mixes. The term is not limited to complete feeds such as precondition feed used at receiving/weaning.

Antibiotic use should be limited to prevent or control disease and should not be used if the principle intent is to improve performance.

Medicated feed additives should be used in accordance with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulation. Extra-label use of feed additives is illegal and strictly prohibited. To avoid violative residues, withdrawal times must be strictly followed. Complete records must be kept when formulating or feeding medicated feed rations. Records should be kept for a minimum of 2 years. 


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