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 Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Alabama Meat Goat Safety & Quality Assurance

Alabama Meat Goat Safety and Quality Assurance Dr. Diego M. Gimenez Jr., Extension Specialist, Associate Professor

Assuring the consumer that Alabama goat producers are providing goat products that meet or exceed expectations every time. That they are good to eat, that they are safe and healthy, they taste good and are tender.

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Alabama Meat Goat Safety and Quality Assurance (MGSQA) is an educational program provided by the Alabama Cooperative Extension System in cooperation with the Alabama Meat Goat and Sheep Producers of Alabama.

This educational effort is intended to ensure proper goat management that will result in a safe and wholesome goat meat (chevon) product. Specifically, MGSQA strives to maximize consumer confidence and acceptance of goat meat (chevon) by focusing goat producers' attention on everyday production practices that influence the safety, wholesomeness, and quality of goat meat products.

The Alabama MGSQA program is based on recommended national guidelines and scientific research. The goal of the Alabama MGSQA program is to increase the competitive base for marketing Alabama goats, enabling goat producers to enhance their product and maximize marketability.

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