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 Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Alabama Beef Quality Assurance

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Alabama BQA Objectives

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NCBA Quality Assurance

ACES Animal Science
and Forages

AU Animal Sciences Homepage

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Alabama BQA Factsheets

AL-BQA 1:  Alabama Beef Quality Assurance: Getting Started

AL-BQA 2:  Managing for Good Herd Health

AL-BQA 3:  Understanding Proper Drug Use and Storage

AL-BQA 4:  Administering Drugs Properly

AL-BQA 5:  Implanting Cattle Properly

AL-BQA 6:  Handling Facilities and Equipment:  Planning and Construction

AL-BQA 7:  Handling Facilities and Equipment:  Making Them Work

AL-BQA 8:  Avoiding Residues from Feed

AL-BQA 9:  Maintaining Proper Records for Quality Assurance

AL-BQA 10:  Benchmarking for Quality

AL-BQA 11:  Biosecurity for Beef Production

AL-BQA 12:  BQA Recertification

AL-BQA 13:  Low-Stress Handling

AL-BQA 14:  Alabama BQA in a Nutshell

Working pen plans

Sample beef cattle working pen plans from the Alabama Master Cattleman's Program, developed by Mr. Butch Blaylock, retired Extension Animal Scientist

NCBA Q A Factsheets

NCBA-QA 1:  Recommendations for the Care and Handling of Beef Cattle

NCBA-QA 2:  A Producers Guide for Judicious Use of Antimicrobials in Cattle

NCBA-QA 3:  Quality Assurance Guidelines

NCBA-QA 4:  Quality Assurance Herd Health Plan

NCBA-QA 5:  Using FDA Approved Medications

Alabama BQA Home


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