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 Thursday, March 26, 2015
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Forage is key to livestock production in Alabama

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For cattle, horses, goats and sheep quality and quantity of pasture is key. Given Alabama's mild climate and proper management, producers should be able to maintain their herds on pasture 10 or months per year.

Forage is also key for nutrient management. Utilizing fields to spread animal waste allows nutrients in the waste to replenish nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels in the soil. It is imperative both waste materials and soil are tested in order to ensure soils are not receiving too much or too few nutrients.


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The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries recently passed the Animal Disease Traceability Rule (80-3-6-40), and will become effective January 1, 2013. Certain classes of livestock are now required to have permanent identification.

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Livestock is big business in Alabama

There are 24,000 farms in Alabama which raise livestock or horses. Whether the enterprise is a major source of income for the family or a lifestyle choice, livestock and horses contribute significantly to Alabama's economy.

No matter the size of the operation, animal welfare is key. This means livestock and horses have proper nutrition, health, living conditions and working facilities to minimize or eliminate stress.

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