Livestock and Poultry


chickenChickens were first thought to be domesticated as early as 5400 BC in Southeast Asia. European settlers or possibly Polynesians visiting the New World, however, first introduced chickens in North America (Smithsonian, 2012).

Today, poultry production continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the agricultural industry. According to the 2007 United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Census, Alabama had a total of 2,417 farms with 9,624,254 laying hens; this includes farms with inventories ranging from 1 to 100,000 or more pullets. In addition, the census shows there were 1,897 farms housing a range of 0-99 layers for an inventory of 35,995 pullets across the state.

With the steady growth of the poultry industry, there is also growing interest in supporting local agriculture and becoming more food self-reliant. As aconsumption or as pets. To meet this growing demand, small-scale poultry grazing systems can be integrated into many small farmsteads and even in urban areas. As a result, many urban municipalities are implementing legislation to accommodate poultry ownership.

From: UNP-0149 Backyard Poultry Egg Production –

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