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Alabama Pasture to Rail Program

The Alabama Pasture to Rail Program is an educational program for cattle producers. The purpose is to give cattle producers the following opportunities without the investment required to finish an entire pen of cattle:

1. To obtain individual animal data for post-weaning performance and carcass merit that can be used to assist producers with selection decisions pertaining to existing breeding programs.

2. To educate cattle producers on recommended health practices and custom feeding programs.

Currently, all cattle are being sent to HyPlains Feedyard in Montezuma, KS.

In 2017, cattle will be shipped in September (9/6 to be exact), October, November and January.

All cattle must weigh 600 lbs. at shipment, be weaned and pre-conditioned for 60 days and be vaccinated and boostered for Blackleg, PI3, BVD, BSRV and IBR (modified live). Each producer must consign a minimum of 3 calves.

There is a $75.00 consignment fee due 3 weeks prior to shipment.

Click here for a complete set of rules and regulations for 2017-2018.

Click here for an example of the data you will receive back on your calves.

For more information, contact:

Alex Tigue
Animal Science & Forages Regional Agent
454 Blount Avenue, Suite G21
Guntersville, AL 35876
Office: (256) 974-2464
Mobile:(256) 309-9496
Fax: (256) 974-2485
Email: dat0002@aces.edu

Lisa Kriese-Anderson
Extension Animal Scientist
210 Upchurch Hall
Auburn, AL 36849
Office: (334) 844-1561
Mobile: (334) 539-2129
Fax: (334)844-1519
Email: kriesla@auburn.edu

2016 Alabama Calf in feedlot

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