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Livestock and Poultry

Alabama Commodity Feed List

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This list provides contact information for brokers, dealers, feed distributors,
and processing facilities around the Southeast.

Brokers, Dealers, & Distributors*


ADM Animal Nutrition

Address: 2201 E 13th Avenue, Cordele, GA
Office Phone: 334-405-1157
Email: James.yance@adm.com
Types of feedstuffs handled: Bulk feed, range cubes, feed ingredients, protein supplements, minerals
Delivery: Deliver less than truckload lots


Ag Fibers LLC

Address: 1301 Ennis Road, Dothan, AL
Office Phone: 334-699-2828
Email: kendall@agfibers.com
Types of feedstuffs handled: Peanut hull pellets, peanut skins, ground hulls
Delivery: Pickup on location - less than truckload; deliver of full truckload


AgriCommodities, Inc.

Address: 3532 Pebble Beach Drive
Augusta, GA 30907
Office Phone: 706-869-1075
Contacts: Paul Rosenzweig, Jr.
Vicki Ragnow
Types of feedstuffs handled: Extensive variety of bulk commodities. Call for price and availability.
Delivery: 22 to 24 ton load minimum


Alabama Farmers Cooperative

Address: Decatur, AL; Uniontown, AL; Columbia, AL
Office Phone:

Decatur - 256-308-1705

Uniontown - 334-628-2611

Columbia - 334-696-8034

Email: stacyd@alafarm.com
Types of feedstuffs handled: Uniontown and Columbia - soyhull pellets, corn gluten pellets; Decatur - soyhull pellets, corn gluten pellets, steam flaked corn, cracked corn, ground corn, wheat middlings, cottonseed hulls, dried distillers grains, complete pelleted feeds, complete commodity mixed feeds
Delivery: Pickup or delivery, 24 ton load preferred


Bill Scott and Company

Address: Clinton, MS
Office Phone: 1-800-344-4428
Types of feedstuffs handled: Rice products, limestone


Central Plains Trading


1900 Swift Suite 205, North Kansas City, MO

Contacts: Ron Ellis
Phone: 888-831-6502
Types of feedstuffs handled: Corn hominy, corn gluten feed pellets, dried distillers grains, soyhull pellets, wheat midd pellets, soybean meal.


Godfrey's Warehouse, Inc.


255 W Jefferson Street, Madison, GA

Contacts: Brian Lance
Types of feedstuffs handled: Corn By-Products, Soy By-Products, and Other Feed Ingredients.
Delivery: Call 706-342-0264 for specifics; Deliver less than truckload lots


Goodlet Farm at Rock Spring


331 Straight Gut Road, Rock Spring, AL 30739

Contacts: Tripp Goodlet
Phone: 1-800-322-2389
Types of feedstuffs handled: Soyhull pellets, corn gluten pellets, peanut pellets, dried distillers grains with solubles, whole cottonseed, wheat middlings


Hansen Mueller Grain Company

Address: 126 First Ave. West
Alabaster, AL 35007
Office Phone: 800-388-7894
Fax: 205-663-5107
Email: bran@hmgrain.com
Types of feedstuffs handled: Corn, corn gluten pellets, corn screenings, dried distillers grains, peanut hull pellets. More ingredients available upon request. Call for current availability.
Delivery: 24 ton truckload minimum


Hillsboro Gin and Feed Company, LLC

Address: 14934 Alabama Hwy 20 West
Hillsboro, AL 35643
Website: www.hillsborofeedco.com/cattle
Office Phone: 256-637-2309
Fax: 256-637-2944
Contact: Roger Felkins
Types of feedstuffs handled: Custom mixtures for cattle, horses, pigs and chickens
Delivery: Pick up only. Feed mixing available.


Outlaw Brokerage


P.O. Box 485

South St. Paul, MN 55075

Office Phone: 612-465-0417
Contact: Jesse Krebs
Types of feedstuffs handled: Cold milled flax, dried distillers grains, soyhull pellets, soybean meal, corn gluten feed, wheat middlings, hominy, rice bran, rice hulls, corn, soy flour/flake, feeding oat meal, soybean oil


J & R Feed Service

Address: 100 8th St NE
Cullman, AL
Office Phone: 256-734-1582
Types of feedstuffs handled: Corn, corn screenings, corn gluten feed, dried distiller's grains, soybean hulls, beet pulp, cottonseed hulls, cottonseed meal, whole cottonseed, soybean meal, oats, wheat, wheat middlings. Call for most current availability.
Delivery: Delivery available. Feed mixing available.


Mid-South Grain and Feed Ingredients, LLC

Address: 4842 Main Street Suite A
Flora, MS 39071
Office Phone: 601-879-8311
Fax: 256-637-2944
Contact: Cliff Kinsey, Bo Magoun, Debbie Buckelew
Types of feedstuffs handled: Corn, corn screenings, corn gluten feed pellets, soybean hull pellets, dried distillers grains, whole cottonseed, MIX-30, phosphate, salt, soybean meal, gin pellets, gin motes, peanut hull pellets. Call for most current availability.
Delivery: 24 ton load preferred


Zeeland Farm Services

Address: 107 Standard Elevator Road
DeSoto, GA 31743
Office Phone: 888-281-1003
Contact: Elizabeth Ekkel
Types of feedstuffs handled: Beef and dairy commodity mixtures from byproducts.
Delivery: 24 ton load preferred

Cotton Gins*


Wiregrass Gin

Address: 905 W Cook Road
Taylor, AL 36301
Office Phone: 334-702-4926
Contact: allen.wiregrassgin@gmail.com
Types of feedstuffs handled: Whole cottonseed, gin trash.
Delivery: Pick up only


Henry County Gin

Address: 262 County Road 12
Headland, AL 36345
Office Phone: 334-889-4555
Contact: allen.wiregrassgin@gmail.com
Types of feedstuffs handled: All cotton byproducts.
Delivery: Pick up only



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Prepared by: Kim Mullenix, Beef Cattle Systems Extension Specialist, and Katie Bivens, Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Animal Sciences, Auburn University, Auburn, AL. SST-14-1.

*Disclaimer: The Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES), Auburn University, and Alabama A&M University make no claims to endorse any of the commercial entities listed above, nor any products or services that they may sell, provide, or distribute.