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Extension is working to provide livestock producers with the research-based knowledge and skills they need as they struggle to balance profitability with increasing consumer demands for cheaper, safer, environmentally friendly products.

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HORSE U Workshop Targets Young People

Horse Ownership Resources, Skills and Education for Youth (HORSE U) offers young people a great way to expand their... more

Observations of White Sugarcane Aphid in the Auburn University Agronomy Crops Garden

Last week Dr. Dennis Delaney discovered white sugarcane aphid, Melanaphis sacchari, on sorghum in the Auburn University Crops Garden in... more

Keep Checking Those Forages for Fall Armyworm Until First Frost

At some point each year I give up keeping track of counties and declare a statewide fall armyworm epidemic.  Today... more

Fall Armyworm Invasion Continues

Fall armyworms invade pastures, hayfields and lawns every summer in Alabama. Some years, the damage done by these pests... more

The Next Wave of Fall Armyworm Damage IS HERE!

Since July 26, when I wrote that the next wave of armyworms is expected soon, cattlemen, farm supply retailers, and extension agents have let me... more

New Rainwater Catchment System Installed at SROC

By Robert S. Spencer, Urban Regional Extension Specialist … The Alabama Mountains, Rivers, and... more

Watch for Next Wave of Fall Armyworms in Forage Grasses

We will probably find more fall armyworm damage in the next week or so, as the offspring of the previous... more

Fall Armyworms in Forage Grasses Update, Week of July 14

Fall armyworms in pastures or hayfields have now been reported in 18 counties, as of July 14, 2014: Blount,... more

More Reports of Fall Armyworm in the Week of July 7

Fall armyworms in pastures or hayfields have now been reported in 12 counties, as of July 8, 2014: Choctaw,... more

Fall Armyworms Reported In Seven Alabama Counties

Fall armyworms in pastures or hayfields were reported in the week of June 30-July 6 in the following Alabama counties:... more


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