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Grower and Ag Professional Training Events (Updated Weekly)

Year-round ACES training programs open to the public Private Pesticide Applicator Training Classes (Alabama Pesticide Education Program) http// Alabama Master Gardeners Program http// Monthly extension... more

Horse fly: pest behavior and control strategies

Home Grounds, Gardens and Home Pests … Horse fly can be any member of the insect family Tabanidae (order... more

Worms on My Tomatoes!

Home Grounds, Gardens and Home Pests … (Mallory Kelley, Home Grounds REA) ​Scouting and monitoring your garden for pests... more

Fall flea surge: control fleas indoors and outdoors

Fleas are some of the most annoying biting pests known to man and pets … In Alabama, there are... more

​ Spotted Wing Drosophila and African Fig Fly Detected in Monitoring Traps

The spotted wing drosophila (SWD) is an invasive insect first reported in California in 2008 … It has since... more

Slug Management in Vegetables

Frequent rainfall and excessive soil moisture in the fall and early spring can bring some unusual problems for vegetable gardeners and farmers – slugs are... more

Scout Soybeans Closely for Stink Bugs in August

August is the month when Alabama soybean producers typically make the most foliar applications of insecticides to soybeans …... more

2018 Commercial Horticulture Webinar Series Recordings

These webinars aim at providing quick …... more

Snails and Slugs in Peanuts

There have been many producer complaints about snail and slug issues in row crops … Snails (with a hard... more

Stink Bug Identification and Management in Vegetables

In general, vegetable insect pests have chewing or piercing-sucking mouthparts … Caterpillars, beetles, and grasshoppers are good examples of... more