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ADAI Inspection Report

Inspection Report Week of March 12, 2018 At a pest workshop in Mobile last fall, Dr. Kassie Conner from the Auburn Plant Lab spoke about... more

Educational Events in Alabama and the Southeast (Updated Weekly)

Year-round ACES training programs open to the public Private Pesticide Applicator Training Classes (Alabama Pesticide Education Program) http// Alabama Master Gardeners Program http// Monthly extension... more

Multi-year Study of the High Tunnel Pest Exclusion System for Reducing Insect Pest Outbreaks

This report is an update regarding the high tunnel pest exclusion (HTPE) system … This research was started in... more

Farming 101 in Autauga County

We receive many calls and visits at the Extension Office from people who have land and do not know what to do with it... more

Peach Blooms and Potential for the Occurrence of Blossom Blight

What a difference a year (and adequate chill) makes … Unlike last year, when peach trees struggled to bloom... more

Vegetable insecticide modes of action: An overview of chemical insecticides

Have you ever wondered how insecticides sold at various stores actually work … Why are there so many different... more

Enhance Food Safety in Your Operation with Local Food Safety Collaborative

Are you a fresh produce farmer or food processor that supplies local markets … If so, the Local Food... more

2018 Commercial Horticulture Webinar Series Recordings

These webinars aim at providing quick …... more

What is the Difference between Agricultural Lime and Gypsum?

As growers receive results from their soil tests, I am commonly asked what is the …... more

The Alabama IPM Communicator is an Informative Resource for all Producers

The Alabama IPM Communicator is part of the …... more