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Crop Production-Food, Fiber, Ornamentals, and Turf

Extension educators are striving to ensure that Alabama farmers remain competitive in a global farming economy even as they adopt safer, more environmentally sustainable production practices.

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Peanut Insect Pest Activity Report for Late-July, 2018

Rains have continued for the most part in Alabama with almost none of the key peanut production areas marked as... more

Stink bug identification and timely management for quality produce

In general, vegetable insect pests have chewing or piercing-sucking mouthparts … Caterpillars, beetles, and... more

Grower and Ag Professional Training Events (Updated Weekly)

Year-round ACES training programs open to the public Private Pesticide Applicator Training Classes (Alabama Pesticide Education Program) http//www.aces.edu/anr/pesticidemgt/ Alabama Master... more

Does this spray even work?

Growers make many decisions every year about what chemicals to use for pest prevention and/or control... more

Bollworm Moth Trap Catch Report and Bollworm Situation in Cotton Update

July 18, 2018 Trap catch numbers showed increased bollworm moth activity at the Elmore and Baldwin county trapping sites... more

Interpreting Soil Test Reports from Commercial Labs

Most Alabama soils are naturally low in plant-available nutrients and must be fertilized to maintain crop production... more

Managing this "Split Crop" of Cotton

Every year brings its own challenges to the farmer … For 2018, it really... more

Cucurbit Diseases this Summer

A few cucurbit diseases were found in a few commercial fields in south Alabama along with the cucurbit downy mildew... more

Evaluating the phosphorus status of soil and the 590 phosphorus application criterion

Animal manure has long been recognized as an important source of macro- (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) and micronutrients (boron, zinc, sulfur) for... more

Moth Activity Rising in Vegetables

It is time to scout crops again and prevent insect outbreaks with timely intervention …... more