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Business Management

Helping Cow-Calf Producers Manage Price Risk

Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology

2008 Livestock Worksheets
February 20, 2008

Preconditioning 2008 Feeder Calves .XLS


Alabama Weekly Livestock Summary (updated every Monday)
Alabama Feeder Cattle Auctions

April 11, 2006

Feeder Calf Grades: Do Better Grades Pay? .PPT
What's The Cattle Outlook For 2006? .PPT
Beef Cattle Cost and Profitability Outlook for 2006 .PPT/.PDF/.DOC
Cow-Calf Budget North Georgia .PDF
How Do I Set a Feeder Calf Price Objective? .PPT/.PDF
Profitability of Selected Marketing Alternatives .PPT
Putting It All Together For 2006 .PPT

Conference Information

Program and Locations .PDF
Website and Question Information .PPT
Evaluation .DOC

Livestock Worksheets

Setting A Feeder Calf Price Objective .XLS
Maximum Stocker Price Calculation Worksheet .XLS
Breakeven Feeder Cattle Price Worksheet .XLS

2005 Stocker Conference Presentation

Stocker Cattle: Priced To Make A Profit .PPT

Alabama Enterprise Budgets Page