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The Alabama Cooperative Extension Service Employees Organization, Inc. was organized in 1968. Since its inception the members meet annually in various counties throughout Alabama to handle business of the organization for professional development. ACESEO, is an outgrowth of the Negro County and Home Agents Association, which was organized in 1940 with ten members. ACESEO, Inc. is composed of professional extension personnel, active and retired, at all levels - State, Regional, and County workers - regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sex, or national origin.


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Welcome from the 47th president of the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service Employees Organization (ACESEO). It is a privilege and an honor to serve at the helm of this historic and powerful organization. However, it would be inconsiderate if I did not first recognize my predecessors. It is because of these former presidents, their administration, and alumnus and resilient members like you that our organization has survived for 47 years! So, on behalf of the current membership, I would like to say thank you. We salute your courage to lead, guide, and support our membership during moments and days of professional uncertainties. Thank you for service and perseverance. But most importantly, thank you for designing the blueprint for past, present, and future generations of Extension professionals.

Since the inception of our beloved organization, we have strived to "move onward and upward "for equal opportunity and advancement for all Extension employees. We are sui generis because we are the only professional development organization within Alabama Extension that allows all Extension employees membership regardless of their work discipline or program area to join in the land-grant system.

As it is written, "to whom much is given, much is required." As ACESEO members, we are amalgamated and required to perform the following:

  • Encourage and recognize high standards of professional performance among Cooperative Extension System Employees
  • Further the work of Cooperative Extension System work as a profession
  • Promote unity and cooperation among members
  • Promote professional and personal excellence among membership
  • Provide a forum to address issues and concerns of our members

If you are an Extension professional employee and are not a member of ACESEO, I strongly encourage you to consider joining our organization. We can be found on the ACES website or at your local county Extension office. As the sitting president, I can guarantee you a true Extension professional development experience without hesitation or preference.

We are not just Extension workers, we are Extension professionals!


Willie Williams



Together Everyone Achieves More!!!


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