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Alabama 4-H

Interior Design

Alabama 4-H Interior Design. Paint samples and sketch of a room layout. Alabama Cooperative Extension System

Wherever you live - country or city; house, apartment, or mobile home; private bedroom or one you share with a brother or sister - there are things to learn and do to make your home more enjoyable.

Interior Design is a great way to learn about design, color, texture, and space. It will help you make your personal space a fun and comfortable place to be, and a space that you are proud to show off!

4-H Interior Design lets you:

  • Use your imagination and creativity.
  • Take a glimpse into new career opportunities.

What you will Learn:

  • 4-H Interior Design will help you learn the basic elements of design: line, shape, texture, pattern, light, color, and space.
  • 4-H Interior Design will help you learn to select and care for quality furnishings and accessories.
  • 4-H Interior Design will help you learn to recognize the variety and quality of products relating to the home environment (carpet, fabric, wall coverings)
  • 4-H Interior Design will help you learn how to create a budget.

The Rules:

Alabama Cooperative Extension Alabama 4-H Staff The Alabama 4 H Club Foundation


The 4-H Name and Emblem are protected under 18 U.S.C. 707.