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Alabama 4-H

Forestry Invitational

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The 4-H Forestry program gives members a strong understanding of trees, forest management and environmental issues.  It also provides hands on learning experiences that helps individuals develop skills to become better managers of forested land. 

Please review the 2016 National 4-H Forestry Invitational Handbook and Forestry Glossary for important updates and training material. Additional resources can be found on the National 4-H Forestry Invitational website.

The 2016 National 4-H Forestry Invitational will be held July 31st-August 4th at Jackson's Mill State 4-H Conference Center in Weston, Virginia.

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For more information, please contact Emily Nichols, Extension Specialist

Alabama Cooperative Extension Alabama 4-H Staff The Alabama 4 H Club Foundation


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